Thermeau Prestige Electric Heat Pumps

Thermeau Prestige Electric Heat Pumps: The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

If you live in Florida, you probably want to add a little heat to your water so that your family can enjoy your swimming pool all year. Cooling off in the summer months is great. However, in the cooler fall, winter, and even early spring months, warmer water is what you need to keep the excitement and exercise going strong. Read on to learn if Thermeau Prestige electric heat pumps are a good choice to help you play in your pool in all kinds of weather.

Let’s start with some basic specifications of the Prestige heat pumps.

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Thermeau Prestige Electric Heat Pump Overview

To begin with, Thermeau is a trusted manufacturer of high-quality, reliable, energy-efficient heat pumps. The company prides itself in exceeding industry standards with attention to even the minutest details. Their expertise includes investing in thermodynamic research and development with world-renown laboratories so that they can offer swimming pool owners the most energy-efficient heaters on the market.

Thermeau Prestige Heat Pump 125K BTU 230V

Thermeau Prestige Heat PumpsThe 125K BTU heat pump is an affordable but powerful option for heating your pool in the winter months. The unit has a revolutionary electronic control board that allows you to adjust the temperature of your pool with the push of a button.

The unit is energy efficient, easy to install, and simple to maintain, which means it will help you hold on to more money in the long run. Since it uses four to six times less energy than conventional heat pumps, it is also environmentally responsible.

The Prestige heat pump is compact with a height of 34 inches, a width of 33 inches, and a depth of 39 inches. You can easily stow or hide the unit away so that it doesn’t interfere with your landscaping.

Plus, it is super quiet. So your family will not even know it is there. You’ll be swimming laps, playing Marco Polo, or just splashing with the kiddos in a comfortably heated pool with no distractions.

Thermeau Prestige Heat Pump 140K BTU 230V

The 140K Prestige heat pump has all the benefits of the 125K but with a higher COP rating. We’ll discuss this more in the pros and cons section below. Also, the 140K requires a minimum circuit amp of 50A (versus 40A) and has a maximum fuse of 70A (versus 60A). Plus, the compressor is rated at 27.3A (versus 24.3A). The optimum water flow rate is 60 GPM, while the 125K is optimized at 55 GPM.

In simpler words, the Prestige 140k heat pumps require more energy, heat your pool faster, and are more energy efficient for the amount of heat they put out.

Everything else about the two models is pretty much the same except the price and weight. The unit weighs five pounds more than the 125K and understandably costs a bit more.

Pros and Cons of A Thermeau Prestige Electric Heat Pump

The Good

  • Generous Warranty: The Prestige comes standard with a 10-year warranty against corrosion on the heat exchanger and a 5-year warranty on parts and labor.
  • Energy Efficient: For 100K BTUs, the prestige heat pump costs about $0.53 in energy usage. Propane runs $5.13, natural gas costs $3.54, oil is $3.25, and standard electric takes $2.39 for the same BTUs. The COP (Coefficient of Performance) is between 4 and 6 for both units, depending on humidity and outside temperature. This rating means the unit generates four to six times more heat than the energy consumed.
  • Sophisticated Technology: The high-tech control board allows for precision temperature control, ability to maintain the desired temperature, and optimal energy performance. Also, it is equipped with a defrost system, separate controls for indoor and outdoor pools, and the capacity to integrate with outside control systems.
  • Precision Temperature Control: With the touch of a button, you can dictate what temperature you want your pool up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Simple Installation: Not only are Thermeau Prestige Electric Heat Pumps easy to use, but they are also easy to install. You might be able to do the work yourself. If that is not your preference, GPS Pools is there to help you get your heat pump set up quickly.
  • Easy to Maintain: The integrated diagnostic system allows you to adjust the equipment’s performance levels to simplify maintenance.
  • Quiet: The Thermeau units are among the industry’s quietest heat pumps due to three levels of soundproofing insulation.
  • Quality Materials: Ultra-high-performance components, like titanium heat exchangers, are put into every Thermeau Prestige heat pump to ensure long-lasting durability.

The Bad

  • Price: The upfront costs of a Thermeau Prestige electric pool heater may be restrictive to some budgets. However, if you can afford the initial investment, it will pay for itself in usage costs over time.
  • Heats Only: The heat pump doesn’t have a cooling mechanism for chilling the pool in the hotter months. If this is important to you, there are other options available.
  • Temperature Limits: The Thermeau heat pumps will lose energy when used in outdoor temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Low temperatures are a rare occurrence in Florida, making the Prestige a perfect choice for our climate.

The Ugly

There really isn’t anything ugly about the Thermeau Prestige electric swimming pool heaters. That’s why we offer them to our customers at GPS Pools. We can carry any brand of pool heater that we want, and truthfully, some units would probably bring us greater profits. However, we refuse to compromise on quality. That’s why we highly recommend the Thermeau line of electric pool heaters.

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Choosing the Right Thermeau Prestige Electric Heat Pump

If you are looking to warm up your water for year-round fun, let GPS Pools help you find the right Thermeau swimming pool heat pump for your family. We’ll do all the calculations so that you can be sure your water will get heated efficiently at the touch of a button.

Give us a call today to schedule an appointment or come on into our locations in New Tampa, Lutz, or Land O’ Lakes to order your Thermeau Prestige Heat Pump 125K or 140K today.

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