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Pool Leak Detection & Repair In Tampa

Your pool provides you and your family with a great place to hang out in Florida's heat, but leaks can make it hard to use and expensive to keep filled. How do you go about pool leak detection, figuring out exactly where the leaks are located, and fixing your issues? Though it can be tempting to take a DIY approach, this can take a lot of time if you don't know what you're looking for, and in some situations, could even cause further damage.

At GPS Pools, we've served the community around Land O'Lakes, New Tampa, and Lutz for many years, delivering quality repairs so that you can keep enjoying your pool year after year. Your home is a big investment, and as part of that investment, your pool sometimes needs a little help to live up to its full potential.

Signs of a Pool Leak

Are you concerned about how well your pool is operating or if it's running into issues? One of the biggest issues that can come up is pool leak detection. Whether it's in the pumphouse, with issues in the soil surrounding your pool, drips, or other issues that are coming to your attention, we can help you find the leak and fix the problem. There are many signs that your pool could be leaking, but here are some of the most common that we run across.

  • Boggy ground around your pool
  • Rising water bills
  • Standing water near your poolhouse
  • Excessive cycling of your system
  • Dripping water around your pipes and pump
  • Tiles that have cracked or fallen off
  • Air or dirt being blown into the pool
  • Growth of algae from significant water addition
  • Changing water levels

Tampa In-Ground Pool Leak Detection and Repair 

When you've got pool leaks below ground, it can be very difficult to figure out how to access the area to see to repairs. Digging underneath the area can cause problems with structural support for your pool, causing more problems than it solves. Patching it from the surface can cause uneven surfaces for people to trip over. Because of our extensive experience with pool leak detection services and repair in the greater Tampa area, we can find innovative solutions that will get your pool back in operation again.

in-ground pool leak repair

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Above Ground Pool Leak Repair

Sometimes leaks occur above the ground, such as when your pipes spring a leak in your pumphouse. Because our crew has extensive experience in detecting pool leaks, we can quickly and effectively fix the problem without accidentally causing issues with your system. Our expertise in pool systems allows us to find the right options for your pool's needs, whether it's changing out gaskets, replacing a section of old pipe, or a similar approach.

Pool Leak Services & Equipment Replacement

We'll test the lines, examine the shell, and go through a full checklist but sometimes your older pool equipment just needs to be replaced. Newer equipment may be more energy efficient, quieter, and effective than your existing system, allowing you to reduce your time, energy, and funding spent on keeping your pool in operation. Our large selection of equipment options allows us to find the perfect fit for your needs, making it easier for you to get back to enjoying your pool with your family.

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Expert Pool Leak Detection and Repair Services

When you work with GPS Pools, you're working with family. If you think you need our pool leak services contact our amazing staff today in New Tampa, Lutz, and Land O'Lakes with any questions, to get more information, or to schedule an appointment to discuss your pool's needs.