Waterline Pool Tiles Remodeling Tampa

Waterline Pool Tile Repair Tampa

Waterline tile, the decorative band that wraps around your pool and disappears into the water, adds a touch of elegance to your swimming experience. It's also fully customizable, to give your pool personality.

When installing waterline tile, it’s very important to work with a professional who sells only the best quality tile, and who can perform proper installation. Working with GPS Pools Inc., you can rest assured that your waterline tile will be elegant and attractive. We can match your pool's waterline tile to your pool deck, landscaping and more, for a fully coordinated effect.

Waterline Tile Types

We offer a variety of tile types to give you options. We have tiles to match your taste and your existing swimming pool. We also offer several pattern types including solid, textured, natural, smooth, glass or scaly. Want to repair your damaged tiles? GPS Pools Inc. can even match new tile to existing tile for small repairs. The type of waterline tile you choose for your swimming pool can affect your pool’s maintenance and appearance for years to come. Talk to your contractor to see samples before making your final selection.

  • Glass
  • Porcelain
  • Matte finish
  • Stone
  • Ceramic


Waterline tiles are more than just decoration. Surface water contains contaminants like sunscreen, pollen, landscaping dirt and yard debris. These contaminants create scum that builds up. If allowed to collect there, this buildup can become impossible to wipe away.

Waterline tile is specifically designed to be easy to clean. Its glossy surface is more than just a beautiful sparkle on the water. It's non-porous, which makes it resistant to absorption of pollutants. Installing waterline tile protects your pool from the unpleasant buildup and staining that can occur.

Water Line Tile Resurfacing Appearance

Waterline Tile Layout Remodeling

Waterline Tile Appearance

Waterline swimming pool tile comes in many colors, ranging from earth tones to grays, greens, blues and more. We'll supply you with samples to help you choose the colors that match your landscaping, pool deck and personal tastes. Standard waterline pool tiles come in 6 x 6 format, but the demand in Lutz and the greater Tampa area calls for variety. We offer waterline swimming pool tile in 6 x 6, 1 x 1, 2 x 2 and more. We also offer many shapes, including square and rectangular.

Waterline Pool Tile Resurfacing

Work with a skilled installer to achieve the effect you want. Checkerboard tile creates a pleasing pattern that draws the eye around the pool, while a randomized distribution of various colors can mimic the nature and character of water itself. At GPS Pools Inc, we've installed waterline tile in formations and patterns that you may never have considered. From straight, solid lines of tile to iridescent pebbled glass mosaics, we've created dazzling masterpieces for pool owners in Lutz and throughout the greater Tampa area.

Waterline Swimming Pool Tile Resurfacing

Waterline Pool Tile Maintenance

Waterline Pool Tile Maintenance

Over many years, waterline swimming pool tile can become crusty or discolored. Cleaning your pool regularly and maintaining your pool with assistance from a professional pool company can help, but eventually your pool tile will need to be replaced.

Look for crusty film on the surface of the tile. When your old tiles no longer resemble the beautiful pieces installed years ago, it's time for new waterline tiles. Contact a pool supplier and installer to explore different waterline tile options and discuss the replacement of your existing tiles.

Make Your Pool Perfect

Waterline tile is more than just a charming add-on to your existing pool; these tiles make your pool functional and easy to clean. Contact GPS Pools to install quality tile from a reputable supplier and installer in the Lutz and Greater Tampa area.