Pool Deck Resurfacing and Remodeling

Pool Deck Resurfacing Services

Your pool deck was so beautiful once: why not make it that beautiful again? GPS Pools resurfaces and revitalizes old pool decks to restore them to full functionality and elegance. Our deck remodeling services add value to your home and make the experience of using your pool safer and more enjoyable. From pool deck resurfacing to installation of all-new pavers, our professionals can suggest pavers or decking material that is beautiful, low-maintenance, and cool on your feet. Now you can love every minute you spend by the pool.

Pool Deck Resurfacing, Remodeling, & Repair Services

Each deck wears in different ways. Sometimes, small repairs are enough to restore pavers or concrete to their former state. Other times, a full pool deck resurface is needed to ensure the safety and enjoyment while using the pool. Just how well you maintain your pool area, age of the deck, type of material and other factors can affect what type of repairs are needed. The expert staff at GPS Pools Inc., can perform a range of services to keep your pool deck in top condition, including:

  • Fixing high traffic areas.
  • Re-leveling decks where low spots are.
  • Changing deck type (pavers, travertine).
  • Updating deck drains.
  • Extending decks.
  • Repairing broken tiles.
  • Sealing.

Pool Deck Resurface Painting

Concrete decks benefit from repainting on a regular basis to maintain their appearance and water resistance. At GPS Pools, we use top-quality acrylic paint to protect the deck surface. Repainting also provides weather protection. Damage from UV rays can take a toll on your concrete. Repainting extends the life of the concrete and makes your deck look like new. Choose a color that coordinates well with your siding or color scheme. Repainting rejuvenates faded colors and prevents cracks and deterioration which can maintain safety.

Pool Deck Painting

Pool Deck Resealing

Pool Deck Resealing

Just as you paint concrete, your stone pavers and Travertine pavers need to be sealed. Unsealed stone and Travertine pavers are vulnerable to the elements. Regular exposure to UV rays, rain, wind and temperature fluctuations can cause your stone to crack and fall apart. Resealing your pool deck can shield it from the worst of the elements, and extend your deck's service life. Resealing also improves the appearance of your deck. Unsealed deck stone can look dry and brittle. Sealants deepen the natural color of the stone to make your deck pop.

Pool Deck Resurface to Revitalize Appearance

Pool deck resurfacing can make your old pool deck like new. Remember the beauty of your pool when it was freshly installed? We'll bring you back to that place with all new pavers or concrete. Our pool deck resurface services revitalize and restore your deck to its original beauty. Have you updated the appearance of your pool since the day it was first installed? Pool deck maintenance needs to happen regularly. It’s time to make your pool deck an attractive and pleasant place to spend time at once again.

Pool Deck Resurfacing

Expert Pool Deck Resurfacing & Remodeling Services

Seeking pool deck remodeling or resurfacing services in Lutz, Land O'Lakes, and the New Tampa area? Contact GPS Pools! Work with an expert to examine your pool deck and explore the possibilities.