Concrete Pool Deck Remodeling

Concrete Pool Deck Resurfacing

Concrete pool decking lasts for decades if properly maintained, but over time, regular exposure to UV rays, rain, wind and even chlorinated water can eventually cause your concrete deck to become cracked and faded. Without proper maintenance or repair, your pool deck could become a hazard, causing trips, accidents and even leading to small pieces of crumbled concrete in your pool. This important feature of your property needs regular attention from a professional. Depending on the severity of its condition, it may need to be remodeled, repaired, repainted or resealed.

Concrete Pool Decking Texture

Concrete is also desirable for its ability to be molded or stamped into any shape. With a variety of textures available, your concrete deck can be made to resemble interlocking pavers, irregularly shaped stones, or square tiles of nearly any size. Patterns and textures stamped into stone create a non-slip quality that prevents slips and falls.

Kool Decking is a trademarked product that consists of a topping applied to a concrete base. This material is notable for its cool temperature and permanent pattern that guards against slips and falls.

  • Stain-resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Never molds or mildews
  • Long-lasting
  • Customizable
  • Non-slip
  • Low-maintenance

Concrete Pool Deck Maintenance

Concrete decks often develop cracks before other problems begin to surface. Small hairline cracks turn into larger cracks over time; then eventually, these cracks lead to loss of concrete. Small pebbles may be lost at first, but eventually, larger chunks will break off. Cracks can lead to more cracks as moisture seeps into the concrete and, eventually, the soil beneath. You’ll be able to tell that work needs to be done on your concrete deck when these first signs of damage begin to appear.

Concrete Pool Decking Maintenance

Pool Deck Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete Color Variety

Concrete pool deck color is highly customizable. With the many shades of paint and stain available, concrete can be nearly any color to match your home, siding and other elements in the environment. Work with a contractor who uses only the best-quality stain or paint to ensure that your concrete will have lasting color for years to come. GPS Pools Inc. uses top-quality acrylic paint. For a subtler hint of transparent color, we use transparent concrete stain. Both are durable and bold. Our coloring doesn’t flake or fade, so you can enjoy a permanent application of the color of your choice.

Concrete Pool Deck Remodeling

Concrete pool decking is an economical material for homeowners on a budget, and it’s also a durable material for homeowners who want a low-maintenance pool deck. With concrete, it’s also easy to add a deck or pathway that matches (or nearly matches) the original concrete.

Adding sections to the concrete is easy even years after the original installation, whether you’re adding a pathway or simply widening your pool deck to fit more furniture. With painting and staining services available, we may even be able to match your new concrete to the old.

Resurfacing Concrete Pool Deck

Rejuvenate Your Concrete Deck

GPS Pools Inc. installs attractive, durable concrete pool decks for homeowners in the Lutz, Land O’Lakes, New Tampa, and the surrounding areas. Our experienced concrete pool deck installers have earned a reputation for quality deck resealing, remodeling and repair. Contact us to make an appointment.