Salt Water Pool Systems Installation

Pool Salt Generator Installation In Tampa

Salt systems are becoming increasingly popular as more homeowners discover the benefits of using salt over chlorine. Still, finding a pool professional who installs, repairs and understands salt generator systems can be challenging. This relatively new technology in the pool industry is only getting its start. GPS Pools Inc. performs salt system installation and conversion. Your chlorine pool doesn’t have to stay a chlorine pool forever. We perform full conversion of chlorine pool equipment, so you can enjoy the benefits of a well-installed and high-performing salt system.

Salt System Benefits

Ever wonder why some homeowners are making the switch to saltwater pool systems? Traditional chlorine pool systems rely heavily on chemicals to maintain clean water. Saltwater systems create chlorine with salt, resulting in fewer chloramines. Saltwater systems are believed to be better for the eyes, skin and hair. Saltwater systems are also safer because they don’t require you, the homeowner, to handle or monitor chemicals in the water. Many customers also say they like the way saltwater feels on their skin.

  • Lower chlorine levels
  • Easier on skin and eyes
  • Less exposure to chlorine
  • Safer than chlorine pools
  • Water feels “softer”
  • Water does not smell as strongly of chlorine
  • Saltwater systems need less maintenance

Salt Generator System Diagnosis

When saltwater pool systems break down, not all pool contractor technicians understand saltwater pool systems well enough to diagnose the problem. GPS Pools Inc. services all the equipment we install, including pool salt systems. Our technicians are skilled, capable and fully-trained to quickly identify issues that may arise with your pool salt system, from problems with corrosion to salt cell replacement. We offer transparent billing for the diagnosis and repair of all our pool systems. Once the diagnosis has been made, our technician will provide all the necessary information to help you decide how to proceed.

Pool Salt System Diagnosis Services

Salt Water Pool System Repair

Salt Generator System Repair

We sell and install only the best brands in saltwater pool technology, so you can expect few problems over the life of your pool salt system. However, when mechanical problems do happen, our repair technicians are there for you. We employ certified professionals who have years of experience making pool repairs. We use rigorous training methods to keep all our contractors and technicians up to date on the latest types of pool salt system equipment. Once your repair is made, we can provide you with the information you need to maintain your salt system and avoid future problems.

Warranty Work

All our saltwater pool systems come with a warranty to protect our customers. These warranties have requirements for maintaining the pool system. Meet the requirements by working with your GPS Pools Inc. technician. Our contractors can give you advice and help you set up a maintenance schedule to ensure that you’re abiding by the warranty requirements. This will help you maintain your saltwater pool system, and it will also keep the warranty valid. We recommend all pool owners read their system warranty to ensure they understand the terms of the agreement.

Swimming Pool Salt System Warranty

Make the Conversion

Homeowners convert their chlorine systems into saltwater systems all the time, and in the Lutz and Greater Tampa areas, we can help them make this change. Contact GPS Pools Inc. to get started with your saltwater system conversion.