Stonescape Pool Resurfacing

Stonescape Finish Has Natural Elegance

Express yourself with the resurfacing, restoration or repair of your StoneScape pool finish. Install a lovely aggregate pebble pool finish that provides unique texture and natural beauty beneath the rippling surface of the water. We promise it will transform your pool.

Each type of StoneScape is designed to catch the light and create reflective surfaces that affect the color and character of your pool. As one of our most durable finishes, StoneScape enables you to enjoy low-maintenance beauty in your pool for many years to come.

Stonescape Pool Resurface Color Options

Pebbles come in different colors to affect the appearance of your pool. You can control the hue of your pool's reflection and the richness of the color by changing the color of the pebbles beneath. Pigmented concrete holds the pebbles in place and further changes the color of the pool. Each finish is highly customizable. Match the colors to your pool deck, landscaping, home siding, or other elements in the environment. You're in control of the color of your pool.

  • Midnight blue
  • Tropics blue
  • Sand
  • Aqua cool
  • Summit blue
  • French gray
  • And more

Texture of Stonescape Pool Finish

Known for their distinctive textures, StoneScape pool finishes add pleasing bumpiness to provide traction as you walk through the water. Do you have tender feet? Large stones may become uncomfortable after long hours spent swimming.

We sell stones in different sizes (standard pebbles and mini) to control the way the surface of your pool feels when you walk. Smaller stones feel softer and gentler, so you can more easily enjoy the time spent in your pool. Not sure which stone size is right? We'll bring in samples to help you decide.

Stonescape Pool Finish Texture

Stonescape Pool Remodeling

How Stonescape Compares

StoneScape stone finishes are similar in some ways to other pool finishes. If you like StoneScape, you may also enjoy Pebble Tec and Marquis. Your pool technician at GPS Pools Inc can show you samples, and may produce pictures of water-filled pools with different finishes beneath, to help you select the stone finish that best suits your preferences.

Want more flash? StoneScape pool finish has natural shine, but JewelScape sparkles even more. Give your pool depth and brilliance with JewelScape finish. These colored glass pebbles reflect the sun, adding sparkling elegance to your pool.

Stonescape Pool Resurface Maintenance

StoneScape pool finish is very resilient and lasts about 15 to 25 years, so it's far more durable than a traditional plaster finish. You can lengthen the service life of your pool finish by working with a reputable pool service company to keep a pristine pool with proper chemical balance. You'll know it's time for a StoneScape resurfacing when you start to notice stains, residue, cracks or missing pebbles. StoneScape finish lasts so long that many homeowners must only resurface their pool once in the life of their homeownership.

Pool Surface Stonescape

Install Long-Lasting Beauty

Nothing compares to the sparkle and brilliance of a pebble bottom pool surface. Are you rebuilding your pool deck in addition to resurfacing your pool? Work with a reputable company and contact GPS Pools Inc today to find out more about StoneScape pool resurfacing.