Diamond Brite Pool Resurfacing

Beauty Underfoot with Diamond Brite Pool Finish

Is your pool aging? Restore the beauty of your pool with resurfacing, restoration or repair using Marquis series pool finish. Exposed aggregate creates a pleasing pebbled surface that adds sparkling brilliance to your backyard pool. Create a shimmery effect with pebbles that come in colors and styles to match your tastes. Marquis series is desired by homeowners in Lutz and the Greater Tampa area because of its sparkling appearance and its durability. When properly installed and well maintained, Marquis series lasts for a very long time.

Diamond Brite Color Options

Like other types of exposed aggregate pool finish, Marquis series pebbles come in many colors. Each color combination produces a different effect, with darker colors creating a deeper, darker tone in the water and lighter pebble colors turning the water a lighter blue or teal. Premixed marcite, which fills the spaces between the aggregate stones, can also be dyed any color to produce the desired effect. This gives you control over the appearance of your pool. Each finish is vibrant and elegant, with just the right amount of sparkle.

  • Mojave Beige ─ this beige and brown creates a sandy effect
  • Midnight Blue ─ a brilliant shade of rich, beautiful blue
  • Aqua ─ a pleasing shade of blue-green, similar to ocean colors
  • Verde ─ these pebbles produce a soft green tone
  • Onyx ─ this black produces a deep, dark water
  • Pearl ─ this light color produces soft blue water
  • Classic ─ pebbles in a mix of beige and white

Texture of Diamond Brite Finish

Diamond Brite pool finish is an affordable but attractive aggregate resurfacing that comes in a variety of colors and textures, giving you total control over the finished product. Larger pebbles are sometimes uncomfortable for people who have soft feet. If you have sensitive feet, we recommend mini pebbles for a softer, less intrusive texture.

Marquis series finish also comes in large pebble aggregate for added drama and beauty. This means you can pick the size of the pebble based on what makes you feel comfortable and what looks most beautiful to you.

Diamond Brite Pool Finish Maintenance

Marquis Diamond Brite Swimming Pool Remodeling

Diamond Brite Resurface Maintenance

Marquis series pool resurfacing is the most cost-effective exposed aggregate pool finish available. With proper care and regular pool maintenance, Marquis series can last as long as 15 years. This is longer lasting than standard plaster while also providing a more pleasing and distinctive appearance.

Once an installation of Marquis series has been performed, we recommend reading your pool’s warranty prior to your first swim. Familiarizing yourself with the manufacturer’s recommendations will help you take care of your pool and will prevent you from accidentally invalidating the warranty.

Diamond Brite Pool Resurfacing

When Marquis series reaches the end of its service life, it may become discolored, etched or cracked. Scaling may develop in hard water conditions, while a low pH can cause etching. Some of these problems can be avoided through proper maintenance practices. A properly balanced pool pH and regular cleanings can prevent wear and tear on your pool's finish. Marquis series is very durable and will last a long time under the right conditions, but contact a professional to discuss resurfacing when the time comes.

Marquis Diamond Brite Pool Remodeling

Make Your Pool Like New

The highly skilled professionals at GPS Pools Inc. use only the best materials for Diamond Brite pool resurfacing and repair. Contact us to get started today.