In-Ground vs Above Ground Pools

In-Ground vs Above Ground Pools

When the time comes to reimagine the space your backyard has to offer, little often seems more alluring than the prospect of incorporating a pool. Warm summer days spent sitting by the water, relaxing and recharging just a few steps from home. 

While many families may consider adding a pool to their space, there is always the debate between installing an in-ground pool or simply setting up an above ground pool. In today’s article, we discuss the benefits of each option to help homeowners settle what’s best for their property.

In-ground pool benefits

Let’s start with the most common option found in Florida: in-ground pools. There are a few reasons why in-ground pools may be selected over above ground pools, but we’ve taken the time to outline three primary benefits that come with permanently installing a pool on the property. 

A permanent addition

As mentioned, this is a permanent addition. That means that this investment for your family becomes a long lasting fixture that adds to your properties overall value. In addition to increasing the home value, it can also serve as a way to increase curb appeal, bringing in more potential buyers if the home was to ever be placed back on the market. 

Adds visual beauty to your yard

In addition to the curb appeal for potential buyers, an in-ground swimming pool can also elevate the aesthetic of your home. With a number of style and decorative options to accompany the installation process, your pool can transform your area into a quiet backyard oasis meant for relaxation. Paired with the right landscaping, your pool can turn into more than just a fun, playful addition to your home.  

Can be customizable 

Lastly, inground pool installations are completely customizable.  A certain material in mind for the pool deck? Want to add a small waterfall or separate spa section? Your dream can become a reality with the right construction team. When it comes to crafting your perfect pool-side vision, inground swimming pools are the way to go. 

Above ground pool benefits

While many of us know and love the feel of an inground pool, let’s go over the “pros” that come along with installing an above ground pool for your household. 

Easier assembly

First and foremost, assembly is relatively straightforward and can usually be completed without too much time or hassle. The process of designing and installing inground pools can be time consuming and much more costly than the addition of an above ground swimming area. If your family is looking for a simple, semi-permanent way to enjoy the summer time, an above ground pool may be your best bet. 

Works in smaller spaces

Don’t really have a yard? Not a problem! Since above ground pools are, on average, substantially smaller than in-ground pools, the sizing makes it ideal for households with a restrictive space requirement. Even if there is room for an in-ground installation, above ground pools offer mobility, allowing families to make the most out of their yards. 

The maintenance is not as bad as in-ground pools

Finally, when it comes to above ground pools, maintenance is often significantly less daunting. Since the pool is elevated from the ground, the amount of exposure to dirt and debris is minimized. Additionally, less volume means less pool water to clean or treat on a regular basis, tacking on extra savings for the family. 

How to decide on which pool is best for you

Now that we’ve outlined the benefits of both options – which one is going to be the best for your family home? 

How much land do you have?

When it boils down to it, the amount of space available will arguably play a large role in determining which option works best. For those with smaller, or more intimate spaces, it may be best to consider an above ground pool to take advantage of as much space as possible. 

Some HOAs restrict above ground pools from being in their neighborhoods too, so always check to make sure your vision fits within your neighborhood standards.

What is your budget?

It’s no secret that in-ground pool setups can be most costly on all fronts, so it’s important to keep your landscape budget in mind when making a selection. Consider the long-term costs of cleaning, treatments, and the cost of maintenance and repairs. In-ground pools may be a higher upfront cost, but they’ll always outlast the alternative.

How much time do you want to spend on installing a pool?

The process of installing an inground pool can take upwards of one to two months depending on a few major factors. If you’re hoping to spend less time on pool installation, an above ground pool takes far less time to put together. 

No matter the kind of pool, GPS Pools is here for support

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