Stone Pool Deck Pavers Resurfacing

Stone Paver Pool Deck Resurfacing

You love the strength and character of your stone pavers, but did you know that even stone needs regular maintenance? Professional resealing services help your stone pool deck resist water absorption that can cause cracks, fading and deterioration over time.

Without regular resealing, your stone pavers may need repair or replacement in just a few short years. Working with GPS Pools ensures your paver sealing is done right, and with quality materials. Maintain the rugged beauty of your stone pool deck pavers with professional remodeling and repair.

Benefits of a Stone Pool Deck

Stone pavers create interlocking patterns that are visually interesting, and because they're textured, they're also naturally non-slip. Hardscape pavers can be made from a variety of materials including granite, brickwork, tile and cobblestone. This natural variety makes it easy to match stone pavers to the landscaping, home siding and other elements in the environment. Pavers are also less costly than the higher-cost Travertine stones, so they're a preferred material for budget-conscious homeowners. Pavers come in many shapes and sizes, so it's easy to find pavers that will fit in your unique space.

  • Cost-effectives
  • Visually appealing
  • Naturally non-slip
  • Available in many shapes and sizes
  • Durable
  • Long-lasting
  • Available in many colors and textures

Stone Paver Maintenance

Stone pavers can last for decades if properly maintained. Only Travertine pavers last longer than most of our stone pavers. You'll know when it's time to replace your stone pavers. They may develop hairline cracks that begin to widen with time, or interlocking pavers will begin to separate, with weeds or debris visible in the gaps. Pavers may also fade or develop stains if they haven't been protected from UV rays and the elements. Regular sealing prevents fading and increases water resistance that prevents your pavers from developing mold or mildew.

Stone Paver Pool Deck Remodeling

Stone Pool Decking

Appearance of Stone Pavers

Our stone pool deck paver remodel services allow you to choose pavers of nearly any design and color, to customize your deck to your personal tastes. Colors vary from deep, gray slate to earthy brown or red. Pavers are available in geometric shapes like rectangular and square tile, and irregular shapes as well. Flagstone pavers add a natural flair to your pool deck. Their naturally gray color also pairs nicely with most lawns and landscaping. Different types of stones can be installed in different patterns, including stripes and alternating colors. Work with your GPS Pools Inc. contractor to choose the stone pavers that are right for your pool.

Stone Pool Deck Sealing

Consistent, regular water absorption can be tough on stone pavers, whether that's water from your pool or from the rain. As water seeps into the ground beneath the stones, this can cause pavers to shift. Exposure to the elements may also cause the cracks that allow more water to seep into the earth beneath the stones, causing more damage over time. Sealing your pavers improves their water-resistance while preventing their color from fading. Keeping your pavers properly sealed with help from a professional can extend their service life by many years.

Pool Decks Stone Pavers

Restore Your Stone Pool Decking

GPS Pools installs intricate interlocking stone pavers in backyards all around the Lutz and Greater Tampa area. We also perform repairs and seal pavers to prolong their service life. Call today to make an appointment.