Inground pool decking options

Pool Decking Options for Your Renovation Project

In a lot of ways, your pool deck defines your poolscape. Having a backyard pool is wonderful, but a majority of your time is spent outside the water. Over time, your deck will experience plenty of wear and tear—and it can be tough to choose between the many inground pool decking options available.

The Best Inground Pool Decking Options

With a little dedication, an eye for attention, and some extra knowledge, though, you can redefine your entire pool experience. Whether you’re installing or renovating a pool, these great pool decking options will provide years of enjoyment.

Because your pool deck is your backyard’s centerfold, housing its most enjoyable recreation spot, it’s important to select a pool deck that promises years of enjoyment. Between lounging, socializing, grilling, and sunbathing, your poolside’s overall ambiance impacts a lot.

There are several decking materials to choose from—and each offers unique benefits. For this reason, it’s important to carefully consider each option before contacting a professional. Choosing your deck material isn’t necessarily about style, color, or layout, either. While these are great qualities that deserve consideration, there are several others you should account for.

Your deck needs to be safe, especially when water is involved. While some deck materials can get a little slippery, they’ll still be designed to prevent accidents as much as possible. Next, it’s a good idea to pick a decking material that isn’t too bumpy, coarse, or uneven.

The pool decking options we’ll list all uphold these quality standards. Plus, they tend to be well-insulated. Their surfaces are cool on hot summer days, but they’ll also keep your feet comfortable when it gets chilly outside. Each of these leading deck options also resists algae, mold, mildew, and chemicals. They’re the most modern options around, providing the perfect blend of style flexibility, durability, and comfort. Let’s take a look.

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Concrete Pool Decking

Stamped concrete pool decking optionOne of, if not the most, popular inground pool decking options is concrete decking. Poured concrete decks can be either stamped or broom-finished. While stamped concrete resembles tile, brick, or stone, broom-finished concrete offers a more classic design.

Concrete decking perfectly complements a home’s exterior, as it’s custom-tailored to fit a variety of designs. Attractive and unique from end to end, concrete decks serve as an excellent tone foundation for surrounding hardscape—and even landscape.

The biggest benefit of concrete decking is its affordability. Renovators have spent years perfecting the art of concrete deck design, making the economically feasible option one with quite a lot of variation. Smooth to the touch, concrete can be poured to meet a variety of design needs. Contemporary and mid-century modern designs, which call for uncomplicated, clean lines, tend to be the most popular.

Among the great options available for those with concrete pool decks, few are as elegant and diverse as acrylic painting. This process deeply stains the concrete surface with acrylic, transforming your deck’s color into one of your choices.

This acrylic stain also provides a semi-transparent finish, which protects your deck’s surface from the wear and tear of daily use. Because acrylic doesn’t peel, chip, or flake like regular paint, it’s excellent for increasing your deck’s durability from foot traffic, moisture, deck furniture, and even ultraviolet rays.

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Stone Pavers

Stone paver pool decking optionStone pool deck pavers are also among the most popular inground pool decking options. Perfect for paths and patios alike, paver installations offer as much diversity as concrete designs. Hardscape pavers are crafted from aggregate, stone, and concrete—often featuring an interlocking design resembling tile, granite, cobblestone, or traditional brickwork.

Like concrete decking, installing pavers is great if you’re on a budget. When installed correctly, interlocking pavers live up to their trendiness. Frost-proof, heat-resistant, and incredibly durable, this type of decking option tends to be one of the longest-lasting, too.

Stone pavers offer incredible design and layout diversity. Choosing rich, earth-toned pavers, for example, can transform your poolside area into a refreshing oasis. Slate pavers, meanwhile, can make your leisure area look like a mystic oasis—redefining your pool’s natural appeal with purple, blue-gray, green, brown, and red textures.

With a wealth of patterns, layouts, and color designs available, every stonework installation assures a custom-tailored, attractive environment.

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Travertine pool deck optionTravertine stone pool decking is certainly the most upscale pool deck option out there. It’s available as several natural materials. If you’re looking for a natural, hearty look—Travertine is your best bet.

As a leading slip-resistant pool deck, travertine is a great option if your poolside sees a lot of splashes. Travertine is porous, so its surface will quickly absorb puddles before they become a problem. If you have children, this is definitely a big perk.

Travertine is comfortable to the touch, too, and it doesn’t absorb heat. If your pool area isn’t shady, a travertine deck will resist the sun’s blazing rays—keeping your feet comfortable from sunset to sundown. Travertine’s awesome insulation isn’t restricted to heat resistance, either. When the temperature drops, its surface will lock in the warmth—perfectly transitioning your all-day pool session into a comfortable nightlife.

The biggest benefit of stone pool decking is easily its style. Travertine is one of the most popular upscale pool decking options available, and the industry is constantly inventing new styles to provide trendy options. Each travertine color and style offers a unique aesthetic when viewed alongside your pool’s cozy blue depths. While starker travertine hues can enhance your pool’s vibrancy, earthy blends give your deck a gentle glow in the sun.

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