7 Signs It’s Time For Pool Deck Renovation

7 Signs It’s Time For Pool Deck Renovation

Backyard pools are designed for endless swimming fun. As an added bonus, they also boost the value of a home. Pools can come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing that they all have in common is a pool deck. The deck surrounding your pool has a dual purpose. It is meant to provide a space for swimmers to get to the pool and for the folks watching those swimmers to have a spot to relax. A pool deck is also meant to keep dirt from going into the pool. Whether your pool deck is wood, concrete, or tile, there might come a time when you need pool deck renovation.

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7 Signs You Need Pool Deck Renovation

Stubborn Algae Growth

Like it or not, there are algae in your pool. Even with sparkling water, there are still microscopic algae particles waiting for a speck of bacteria to feed on. When that happens, the algae flourishes. In fact, it flourishes on sunny days. A lot of pool algae can be found in the water and along the sides of the pool liner. However, there is a good chance that algae can also leech onto your pool deck.

Despite the recent red algae troubles, pool algae will most likely be green. It will also prove to be very stubborn. Algae might be easier to remove from concrete than from wood. Once it has seeped into the wood, it will be very hard to get out, and renovating your pool deck is recommended.

Mold Growth

Mold is like a second cousin to algae. It also feeds off of bacteria to spread. High humidity and dampness are what mold likes to live in. Obviously, your pool is going to be constantly damp. The insidious thing about mold is that is by the time you see it on your pool deck it might be too far spread underneath that deck to mitigate the damage. In other words, no amount of bleach is going to help. That means every part of the deck will need to be removed and replaced. It would be no different if you found mold growing in your bathroom. The walls would have to come down and be replaced.

Chipping of the Paint

Renovating your pool deck might not be triggered by something as drastic as emergency mold removal. It could be that the paint is chipping off the surface of the deck. This might happen because the deck wasn’t properly sealed. Being exposed to the harsh elements of the seasons isn’t helping the situation either. If the structure of the deck is sound, then chipping paint can be easily remedied by stripping that paint and repainting. This could provide you with the opportunity to select a new color. It would still certainly qualify as a deck makeover.

Color Fading

The majority of backyard pools are out in the sun. You don’t want trees overhanging across pools because of all the possible leaf troubles. That constant exposure to the sun can help reduce the need for a pool heater. However, it can have a detrimental impact on the coloring of your pool deck.

If you have a planter or some other object that has been on your pool deck for a long time, then slide it around. You’ll probably be able to see the extent of the color fading. The thing about deck color fading is that it is not going to “come back.” Once it starts to go, it will keep fading until it totally blanches. That is not a good look for a pool deck.

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Chemical Stains

Keeping a pool’s water crystal clear is going to take some level of chemical cleansing. That usually means regular doses of chlorine. This is something you want to keep strict control over. Even with proper management, there could still be the occasional chemical stain tarnishing the surface of the deck. As with chipped paint or faded colors, the chemical stain won’t compromise the structure of your pool deck. That means it can be stripped off and repainted by a professional.

Growing Cracks

Does your home make “settling noises?” It sometimes feels like it is just letting out a big “sigh.” Any type of structure goes through continual settling. That includes your backyard pool. As with the house, sometimes that settling can be on the extreme side. You’ll know when this is happening when visible cracks appear in your home’s foundation or around your pool deck.

Fixing your home’s foundation is probably a bit more involved than repairing a cracked pool deck. However, you want to make sure those pool deck cracks are taken care of quickly. In the winter, cold temperatures can lead to expanding those cracks. That is especially true if water seeps in.

Some of these cracks can be patched, but that would mean resurfacing the entire pool deck to match everything else. Renovating your pool deck to fix cracks in the concrete and resurfacing the area won’t be as challenging as a total replacement. That will only be necessary if those pool cracks return. That could indicate that there is something fundamentally wrong with the deck and it might need a stronger foundation.

Old Age of the pool deck

Finally, the need for a new pool deck might simply come down to the issue of age. Like your roof, your car, and every appliance in your home, age will also take its toll on your pool deck. Wood can rot. Tiles can crack. Those would be reasons enough to undertake this project. Like the other types of renovation, replacing a pool deck because of old age will provide you with an opportunity to revitalize the entire pool area. You can expand the deck, add in a hot tub, or change the deck material for a totally new look. The options are endless.

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Pool Deck Renovation is our Expertise

One of the benefits of living in Florida with a pool is that it can be open all year long. That means it is always a good time to schedule your deck renovation with GPS Pools. Call one of our locations in New Tampa, Land O’Lakes, and Lutz, which proudly serves nearby areas such as Wesley Chapel, Pebble Creek, Tampa Palms, Odessa, Seven Springs, Lake Fern, and more.

With a thorough inspection, our pool deck resurfacing and remodeling experts will be able to judge the severity of the situation and whether it might cause a potential health hazard. GPS Pools know that the quicker they can help with your deck remodeling, the quicker you can get back to enjoying those endless hours by the pool.