Bull BBQ Outdoor Kitchen Review

Bull BBQ Outdoor Kitchens: Brand Review

Being a homeowner means taking care of more than just the inside of your property. Your backyard can be just as functional and accommodating as the rest of your house, especially when you install the right fixtures and infrastructure pieces.

An outdoor kitchen is one of the most valuable elements you can install in your backyard. One of these installations allows you to turn your backyard into a fully-functional living area. Whether you’re having a barbecue with friends or just want to enjoy meals outside during the warmer months, an outdoor kitchen is an excellent investment.

Bull is one of the best brands offering these pieces, and GPS Pools can install a new kitchen in less time than you may think. Let’s discover what makes Bull outdoor kitchens so valuable.

A Brief Introduction to the Bull BBQ Outdoor Kitchen Brand

Bull Outdoor Kitchen & Grill ReviewBull BBQ has been around for 30 years, starting in 1992 in the garage of one of the founders. The company began making outdoor kitchens and BBQs and quickly found its footing in California. Within a few years, Bull sold its 1,000th kitchen, and as of 2022, the company has sold over 50 million.

Bull has an incredible commitment to quality and innovation, and the last 30 years have allowed the brand to develop the best tools and materials in the industry. Overall, a Bull BBQ outdoor kitchen will be fully functional for years to come and enhance and update your backyard space to look fresh and modern.

GPS Pools is proud to partner with Bull to deliver these kitchens to Tampa Bay area homeowners. These pieces are more than just a place to prepare food – they’re a ticket to a whole new lifestyle.

How to Choose a Bull Outdoor Kitchen and Grills

With decades of experience in building and designing outdoor kitchens and grills, Bull offers quite a few different options for homeowners. Whether you’re on a budget or looking to spare no expense, here are the top features to pay attention to when looking for a kitchen to transform your backyard.


The size and shape of your backyard will affect the type of kitchen you can install, but the primary choice you’ll have to make is whether you want a straight or L-shaped kitchen. Bull offers compact models that can fit into smaller backyards and patios, or you can upgrade to a luxurious and accommodating kitchen with tons of countertop space and add-ons.

Typically, an L-shaped kitchen layout is ideal if you’re prepping and cooking multiple dishes at once. This way, you can quickly move back and forth between your prep station and the grill rather than pacing back and forth. One downside of this shape is that it can be more challenging for two people to work side-by-side since they can bump into each other often.

You may also want to choose a kitchen layout similar to what you have inside your home. Also, keep in mind that you can install a separate counter or island unit to give you more flexibility and efficiency when cooking outside.

Finally, you’ll need to decide whether you want the BBQ grill on the left or the right.


When it comes to the infrastructure of a Bull outdoor kitchen (i.e., the grill, refrigerator, and sink), everything is immaculate and built to last, even with varying weather conditions.

So, when we’re discussing the materials of your new kitchen, we’re referring to its finish and appearance. For example, if you want an elegant and illustrious kitchen experience, we can install a masonry facade to make the kitchen look like it was built brick-by-brick.

Conversely, if you want something a bit more modern, we offer smooth textured finishes to make the kitchen look more practical and functional, not just pretty.

Regarding the countertop, we offer polished stone surfaces that can withstand environmental wear and tear for years and still look as immaculate as the day they were installed. These countertops are perfect for prepping, serving, and storing all your outdoor kitchen items.


Adding a sink to your outdoor kitchen makes it even more functional, but it will inflate the installation price. Since we have to connect to your home’s plumbing system, more remodeling is needed to ensure you can get an endless supply of hot and cold water.

An outdoor sink is essential if you plan to use your kitchen regularly during the warmer months. However, a sink may not be a necessary investment if you’re planning to use your kitchen for parties and get-togethers.

Bull offers various layouts with optional sinks, so you don’t have to feel limited in your selection to get the most out of your new investment.


Having an outdoor fridge comes in handy even if you don’t use the kitchen or grill very often. This piece can be dedicated to cold drinks on a hot summer day, or it can work as a place to store items that don’t fit inside the refrigerator in your interior kitchen.

When you are cooking and prepping meals, a fridge becomes an essential piece that gives you the flexibility to make any dish you like without worrying about food safety or pests getting into your ingredients.

Drop-In Ice Chest

This add-on isn’t available in every Bull BBQ outdoor kitchen, but it’s a nice feature if you plan to host parties throughout the season. With an ice chest handy, you can prep and mix drinks to turn your kitchen into a food service space and a fully-functional bar. No party is complete without an extensive drink list, and a drop-in ice chest allows you to serve cocktails without having your ice melt too quickly by sitting outside.

Why We Like Bull Outdoor Kitchen and Grills

At GPS Pools, we’re committed to providing the best service and materials for our clients. To that end, we only partner with the best companies and brands in the industry, which is why we’re so thrilled to be able to install Bull kitchens and grills. Here are a few of the reasons we chose this company.


Our customers are not a “one-size-fits-all” crowd. They prefer to do things their way, which is why customization is integral to the selection and development process.

Since this will be your outdoor kitchen, you know what elements you need the most and which ones you can skip. For example, perhaps a drop-in ice chest isn’t necessary, but having a built-in trash container would be more practical.

Our sales team will work with you to customize your propane or natural gas outdoor kitchen to fit your unique space and preferences. That way, once we’re finished, you can be sure you’ll enjoy cooking outside for years to come. Start with these 4 packages:

Durable and Reliable

Outdoor Kitchen Bull BBQ

Living in Florida, your outdoor kitchen & grill will be exposed to elements like intense heat, rain, wind, and pests. So, you need something that will last season after season, year after year, with the same efficiency and reliability as when it was first installed.

While you can take steps to protect your investment (i.e., using a grill cover when you’re not cooking and prepping), Bull outdoor kitchens are built to last no matter what. So, you don’t have to worry about coming out to a rust-covered and crumbling kitchen that only lasted a single season.

Additionally, we like Bull because these kitchens are built for heavy use. So, you can eat outside every night and host a party every weekend, and your kitchen will be able to keep up. After all, you use your interior kitchen daily, so why shouldn’t this one be the same?

Stunning Aesthetics

Finally, Bull outdoor kitchens and grills look incredible and instantly upgrade your outdoor spaces. Even if you have an older home, adding one of these kitchens will make your backyard look modern, chic, and luxurious. Your guests will assume you spent a fortune installing everything, but you don’t have to tell them that you spent much less than you thought.

Get Your Bull BBQ Outdoor Kitchen Installed by GPS Pools!

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