Variable Speed Pool Pump Benefits

Variable Speed Pool Pump Benefits: Are they Worth It?

If you’re interested in the world of swimming pools, you’ve heard a lot of talk about variable-speed pool pumps over the last few years.

As the name suggests, variable-speed pool pumps can be operated at different speeds – meaning that their RPMs (revolutions per minute) go up and down depending on the situation. This means you don’t have to use any more energy than is expressly needed, given what you’re trying to accomplish. This is as opposed to a single-speed pool pump, a standard piece of equipment found in many swimming pools up until now.

Of course, this demands the question – what are the actual variable speed pool pump benefits you need to be aware of? Are they worth the higher up-front cost compared to their more traditional single-speed alternatives, or are they little more than an industry trend destined to fade away?

Answering questions like these requires keeping a few key things in mind.

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The Variable Speed Pool Pump Law: An Overview

First, you should know about the recent regulation enacted by the United States Department of Energy.

As of July 2021, any new pool installation and replacement equipment need to meet specific minimum requirements about the motor. This includes not just the horsepower but other specifications as well.

While the law doesn’t come out and say that you will need to buy a variable-speed pool pump, there is essentially no other way to take it. This is the only type of pool pump available that meets those aforementioned minimum requirements.

You can run right out and replace your single-speed pool pump with a variable-speed alternative. The same is true if you’re putting in a new pool on your property (unless it is an above-ground pool, as the law does not apply to those as it is currently written). But if you’re planning on being a pool owner indefinitely, there will come a time when you need to upgrade and when that day arrives, a variable-speed pool pump is in your future.

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Variable Speed Pool Pump Benefit #1: Long-Term Energy Savings

Variable Speed Pool Pump Energy SavingsOne of the most prominent variable speed pool pump benefits is the almost immediate energy savings you enjoy – something that translates to financial savings on your monthly utility bills.

By lowering the RPMs of the pool pump under certain conditions and during certain types of operations, the equipment naturally uses less energy to operate. As those consumption levels go down, so do your utility bills – creating an investment that essentially pays for itself before you know it.

Many assume that a pool pump with a higher power rating (meaning more RPMs) will always be more “efficient” than those with lower ones. This isn’t the case, as depending on the type of pool it is installed in, the former pool pump could be overworked compared to the latter. This means it uses too much energy to do the same primary job. Pool pumps working too hard are also more likely to fail or, at the very least, will suffer expensive maintenance bills regularly.

In a literal sense, energy efficiency is one of many ways to save money on a variable-speed pool pump. One of the most prominent benefits of a variable speed pool pumps has to do with the possible rebates that you’ll be able to get from your power company after you make this investment.

TECO Energy, for example, is the provider that serves the Tampa, Florida, area. They offer up to $350 rebates when you switch to a newer variable-speed pool pump model. Other areas will have similar opportunities available, although you’ll want to check with each provider specifically to find out about the details.

Regardless of where you live, GPS Pools can sell you the variable speed pool pumps you need to take advantage of these savings across Florida. We also make local, certified contractors available to install the equipment properly.

Benefit #2: Higher Quality Water

One of the more significant variable speed pool pump benefits you should be aware of is the quality of the internal filtration system – something that almost always translates to better quality water in your pool.

Again, just because a pool pump has fewer RPMs doesn’t necessarily mean it is somehow “inferior.” In addition to offering a more efficient experience, remember that slower water will always get filtered more effectively than a machine simply trying to turn over water as quickly as possible.

The slower the water flow, the more effectively the filter can remove leaves, bugs, dirt, and other debris from the water itself. When you consider that the primary function of a pool pump is to help you enjoy the cleanest water possible, this advantage alone is often more than worth the investment for most people.

Benefit #3: Superior Technology

Variable Speed Pool Pump AutomationAnother significant variable speed pool pump benefit is the flexibility these units can offer – how they work and the overall experience they offer.

A lot of older pool pumps only had basic options in terms of programming. You could turn them on, turn them off, make straightforward adjustments, and that was it. With most modern-day variable speed pool pumps, you can dive deep into the amount of power they are using, the number of GPMs passing through the system, and more – so that you can get things precisely how you like them.

Newer variable-speed pool pumps can also be installed as standalone devices or as part of larger pool automation systems. If you install it as its unit, you can easily control it using a basic touchscreen control panel. If you install it as part of a more extensive automation system, you can control it directly from your smartphone, tablet, or another mobile device. Not only that, but because that automation system is likely connected to the Internet, you’ll be able to see its status and control it from anywhere, on any device, at any time.

Access to these options allows you to set up your variable speed pool pumps however you want, no matter what, which was just not possible with the last generation’s technology.

Benefit #4: Quiet Operation

Another variable speed pool pumps benefit that is made possible thanks to modern technology has to do with their quiet operation. Early in the morning, in the middle of the night, it didn’t matter – you would know when that pool pump switched on because of how loud it was, even at a relatively low RPM setting. If you’ve ever lived next door to someone with an older pool (and thus an older pool pump), you never have to question whether or not their equipment is on.

Variable-speed pool pumps, on the other hand, are known for their quiet operation. This goes hand-in-hand with the energy efficiency benefits and the fact that newer units employ advancements that weren’t previously available. So don’t just invest in a variable-speed pool pump because your wallet will thank you – remember that your neighbors will thank you, too.

Benefit #5: Unbeatable Peace-of-Mind

Finally, most homeowners love that variable-speed pool pumps come with far more extended warranties than their more traditional counterparts – especially if you purchase one from one of the more reputable manufacturers in the business.

Because variable speed pool pumps are manufactured with such high quality, brands tend to “believe in them” more to the point where they offer two and even three-year warranties as a standard feature. You’ll likely top out with a single-speed pump in about one year.

So even if something goes wrong with your variable speed pool pump, you’ll have parts and labor coverage for many years to come. When you’re talking about an expensive piece of equipment (not to mention the well-being of the swimming pool it is attached to), the peace of mind that comes with this is often enough to seal the deal for many people.

Your Partners in Variable Speed Pool Pumps

At GPS Pools, the passage of the variable speed pool pump law was a good idea – both for the environment and for pool owners everywhere. When you consider even one or two of the benefits outlined above – like equipment that functions more efficiently and translates into immediate cost savings – you’re looking at a reason to upgrade. Considering them, you’re looking at an opportunity far too valuable to overlook. When the time comes, GPS Pools can offer the pool pump products and equipment installation services you need to take full advantage of all the variable speed pool pump benefits you can with open arms.