Hayward Variable Speed Pool Pump: The Inside Review

Hayward Variable Speed Pool Pump: The Inside Review

Whether you are installing a pool for the first time or looking to renovate an existing one, selecting a pool pump is an important decision. As odd as it may sound, the pool pump is often compared to the human heart. Why? Well, the human heart pumps blood filled with vital nutrients throughout our body and returns blood in need of filtration back to our heart in order to be cleansed. Pool pumps do the same thing for your pool. Not only do they circulate water through a filtration system, but they also pump necessary chemicals throughout the pool that keeps the water clean and safe to use.

Having an effective pool pump is as important for the health of your pool as having a healthy functioning heart. Unfortunately, although it’s clear that pool pumps are of critical importance to your pool system, selecting the right one for your pool isn’t always quite as straight forward. This is because the type of pump you select depends on a number of factors; a few of which include the volume of your pool and its water flow rate. The right pool pump will be able to turn over the water in your pool at least once a day, which increases the effectiveness of the chemicals and removes any debris within the system. Without a proper functioning pool pump, your pool may begin to grow algae or bacteria due to lack of circulation.

Selecting the proper pump for your pool is about more than just fit. It’s also important to take into consideration the type of features that you want in a pump. For instance, is it important that your pool pump is eco-friendly or is it more important that it is easy to use? Do you want a pump that you can pre-program or would you rather do everything by hand? There are a seemingly endless amount of options and models when it comes to pool pumps, which can make selecting the best one for your system a daunting task. While there is no universally accepted “best” pump on the market, a Hayward Variable Speed Pump is among our favorites in terms of efficiency, dependability, safety, and long-term cost.

How Does a Hayward Variable Speed Pool Pump Work?

If you’re wondering what exactly a variable speed pool pump is or how it operates you’re not alone. A variable speed pool pump is one of three types of pool pumps. The basic, most inexpensive pool pump option is a single speed pool pump, which operates at full power whenever it is turned on. The second option is a dual speed pump, which allows the operator to choose to run it on either low or high speed. The low speed is generally used to filter water, while the high speed is used for more demanding tasks like adding chemicals or heating your pool.

While all of these pumps will effectively circulate your water, a variable speed Hayward pool pump has the ability to operate on a spectrum. This means you can run it on high, low, or anywhere in between, which can mean big savings when it comes to energy costs. Most variable speed pool pumps are equipped with a permanent magnet motor, which is different than that of the single or dual speed pool pump. A permanent magnet motor is more energy efficient because it uses magnets to produce continuous motion rather than relying on an external power source.

Variable speed pool pumps are also different in that they use pressure sensors to determine when the 

water pressure is low enough for the pump to reduce its speed. This technology allows the pump to use the lowest speed necessary to complete its assigned task, which reduces energy consumption and unnecessary motor wear. Since a variable speed Hayward pool pump can operate at speeds as low as 600 RPM, it will also be much quieter than a single speed pump that runs at 3,450 RPM. Generally speaking, higher RPMs equals more noise and that is certainly not what anyone wants out of their pool pump.

Many variable speed pool pumps also come fully equipped with easy-to-use programmable options which can make owning a pool as simple as setting a timer. You can even program your pool pump to turn over the water at night (on a pre-selected low, quiet setting). This ensures you are using energy during non-peak power hours, saving you money on energy.

Believe it or not, installing a new single speed pump may actually be against the law depending on where you live. Many states have implemented energy-efficiency laws, which are inclusive of pool pumps. Plus, some building codes prohibit their use and can fine you for a violation. If you already have a single speed pump, don’t panic. In some instances you can still use it, however, when it does fail, you will likely need to upgrade to a dual or variable speed pump.

Before purchasing any new equipment it is always best to check your local energy efficiency laws or consult one of our pool professionals to ensure compliance.

Hayward Variable Speed Pool Pump Product Spotlight

Here at GPS Pools, we offer three Variable Speed Hayward Pool Pumps:

Hayward Max-Flo Variable Speed Pump All-In-One

The Max-Flo VS Hayward variable speed pool pump is suitable for in-ground pools and spas that have plumbing applications with 1-1/2″ or 2″ plumbing. Its integrative drive and enclosed, permanent magnetic motor can help you save up to 80% on energy costs. Fortunately, these energy costs are not reserved for new installations, as this versatile pump can be installed aftermarket as well. The pump’s digital interface allows users to program customizable speeds, duration, and priming time options. It also helps you keep an eye on energy consumption with its convenient power use information.

The Max-Flo VS Hayward all-in-one controller can work either on its own or with another automation system such as the Hayward OmniLogic. It’s reliable, efficient, and quiet performance makes the Max-Flo VS Hayward an ideal choice for those looking to reduce energy consumption and maximize their pool pump’s performance.

Hayward EcoStar SVRS Variable Speed Energy Efficient Pool Pump

The EcoStar Variable Speed Pool Pump is an energy-efficient pool pump that can help you save up to 90% on energy costs. To ensure you get the most out of this pump, its user interface is designed for flexibility, allowing you to position it in a location that is most convenient for you. Once in place, its integrated 24-hour timer and eight programmable speeds can be set up for effortless operation.

The EcoStar Variable Speed Pool Pump is also big on family safety. The pump has a Safety Vacuum Release System which prevents swimmer entrapment and its overall design protects it from freezing temperatures, meltdowns, and priming failures. So, if you are looking for a pump that is as efficient as it is safe, the EcoStar may be the best choice for you.

Hayward EcoStar Variable Speed Energy Efficient Pool Pump

This Hayward EcoStar model provides a bit of everything as it is eco-friendly, versatile, and easy to install. It runs at the absolute lowest speed necessary for each application to save you money, while also maintaining the ability to operate at speeds of 3450 RPMs when required. Whether you are simply circulating pool water or carrying out extensive pool maintenance, like vacuuming, this pool pump will get the job done. It’s also easy to use as the movable, digital control interface allows you to shift between settings at the tap of a finger. This is the Hayward variable speed pool pump for those who want it all; an easy, efficient, and eco-friendly pool pump.

How a Variable Speed Hayward Pool Pump Can Save You Money

Although a variable speed Hayward pool pump is more of an upfront investment than a single or dual speed pool pump, you will more than make back your investment in the long run. Despite the fact that variable speed pool pumps need to run for longer, they operate at lower speeds making them less expensive than running a pump at higher speeds for shorter periods of time. These energy savings are based on an engineering principle called the Pump Affinity Law which states that as you lower the speed of your pump, your energy savings will become disproportionately larger. For example, if you reduce your pool pump speed by 50% instead of saving 50% on energy you would actually save 75%, and as you continue to lower your RPMs the savings will grow even larger.

Owners who have switched to a variable speed pool pump tend to recoup their investment through energy savings in as little as two years. So, long after you’ve recouped your original investment you will continue to save up to 90% on energy costs each year. That’s essentially putting money back into your pocket and we haven’t even mentioned how purchasing a variable speed pool pump may qualify you for a utility rebate. These days power companies are required to meet certain energy use requirements by law. In order to meet these requirements, they offer customers rebates for choosing more energy-efficient appliances and this includes pool pumps! Make sure to check out your power company’s website to see if you qualify for such an incentive.

Why It’s Important to Choose Expert Technicians for Installation

When choosing a company to install, remodel, or repair your pool it is absolutely crucial to find licensed professionals who know how to get the job done the right way. GPS Pools holds a Certified Pool/Spa Contractor license granted by the Florida License Board. This means all of our certified pool technicians, including our pool contractors, pool operators, and water quality inspectors have undergone rigorous training to obtain the expertise needed to meet all of your swimming pool needs. This training includes planning, regulations, building codes, electrical issues, excavation, cleaning and filtration, chemicals, safety, heating technologies, and more.

We are also affiliated with The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP) which is one of the leading organizations in the industry. As such, we remain at the forefront of innovative technological developments and best industry practices.

With all of the moving parts involved in pool installations, repairs, and remodels it is important to choose seasoned professionals that possess both the technical and regulatory knowledge necessary for a safe, regulatory-compliant, well-functioning pool.

Trust GPS Pools for Your Hayward Pool Pump

In terms of energy consumption, your pool pump is likely one of the most expensive appliances in your household, so it makes sense to choose one that will minimize these costs. Although single or dual speed pumps may cost less upfront, a variable speed Hayward pool pump will save you more in the long run.

At GPS Pools we offer three variations of Hayward variable speed pool pumps and our technicians are fully equipped to install it for you. Every technician we work with remains up to date on the latest technologies through ongoing education and industry events to ensure the best possible service. It is also important to us that you are able to take full advantage of your product’s warranty in the event that something were to malfunction. Even if you have already purchased a product from another company we can help ensure it’s installed the right way.

Even more importantly, we are all about protection. We make sure to safely install or repair your pool to protect your investment and those who use it. When you choose our certified technicians, you can rest easy knowing that your pool is in the hands of industry-leading experts.

Call us today and let us help you take the guesswork out of selecting the best variable speed pool pump for your pool so that you have more time to simply enjoy it.