Thermeau Signature Pool Heat Pump

Thermeau Signature Heat Pumps: Product Review

Thermeau signature heat pump designs and builds are backed by over 20 years of design expertise, providing Land O’ Lakes and Lutz homeowners with unbeatable energy savings and supreme reliability.

Far superior to conventional equipment, a Thermeau Signature heater blends optimal performance and durability—delivering one of the most effective, cost-efficient pumps for residential and commercial properties.

Thermeau serves not only as a leading high-performance heating system provider, but as an industry leader defined by constant innovation. Plenty of hands-on field experience, combined with crafted designs suitable for year-round use, has made Thermeau a top pick among Florida residents looking for reliable systems capable of operating every month of the year.

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Thermeau Signature Heat Pumps

Thermeau Signature Pool HeatersEven though Florida is well-known for its warm springs and summers, its waters can get a little chilly during the fall and winter months. To keep your pool’s waters at ideal swimming temperatures, you’ll need a heat pump with both operational variety and cost efficiency.

This is where the Thermeau Signature Heat Pump comes into play. Known for its ultimate heating capabilities, the Signature line boasts many temperature options, as well as components that are built to last. This selection is one step above Thermeau’s Prestige Heat Pump line—giving homeowners an entirely new system bracket to meet their pool’s needs.

Let’s check out the Thermeau Signature Heat Pump lineup.

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The Thermeau Signature Heat Pump 105K BTU 230V

The Signature line kicks off with an expertly designed Thermeau Signature 105K BTU 230V model—defined and loved for its incredible heating speed. Outfitted with the industry’s leading mechanical and electrical parts, the 105K BTU 230V is a tough selection to beat.

Much like the Signature line’s other models, the 105K BTU 230V prioritizes your schedule, temperature needs and accessibility. It packs a powerful control board which was created for ease-of-use—but this doesn’t mean it isn’t precise. Quite the opposite, in fact. The system’s temperature controls can make your pool and spa temperatures exactly how you want them. Plus, the 105K BTU 230V was designed to remain operational in any kind of weather.

The model’s other components are equally great. Featuring a fully integrated diagnostic analysis system, dual-control pool and spa accessibility, and an advanced defrost system, the 105K BTU 230V surpasses even the most comprehensive heating system packages.

The Thermeau Signature Heat Pump 125k BTU 230V

Next up, we have the Thermeau Signature Heat Pump 125k BTU 230V. Out of every Signature series heat pump, the 125k BTU 230V is often chosen by homeowners who prioritize energy efficiency.

The 125k BTU 230V hosts several of today’s leading mechanical components, allowing it to produce exact temperatures with five to six times less energy than the industry’s alternatives within the same bracket. Considering that the 125k BTU 230V doesn’t spare technological ingenuity, the model definitely pulls ahead on multiple fronts in terms of features.

While the Thermeau Signature 125k BTU 230V is renowned for its energy efficiency, it also offers another unbeatable quality: ease of installation. A lot of today’s heat pumps are unwieldy to operate—and even more difficult to install and maintain.

The 125k BTU 230V, however, defies this industry stereotype—and that easy installation means you’ll save additional money before it’s even used. The model’s advanced operating capabilities, meanwhile, grant homeowners peace of mind when scheduled maintenance periods come around.

Because the 125k BTU 230V isn’t a traditional gas, oil or electric heater, its features aren’t weighed down by their operational capacities. Make no mistake: The Thermeau Signature 125k BTU 230V might be light on its feet, but it’s built well enough to be a leading heat pump heavy-hitter.

The Thermeau Signature Heat Pump 140k BTU 230V

The Thermeau Signature Heat Pump S140B is similar to its Signature-line siblings in terms of technological features, but its bigger dimensions make it an optimal pick for homeowners with large in-ground pools.

While the S105K pumps between 11,900 and 18,500 gallons, and the S125k pumps around 21,100, the S140B can churn out a whopping 33,000 gallons. The two-inch union at its front also makes it easy to install—a major bonus, considering the slow installation times of similarly large units.

The S140B exceeds the heat pump industry’s standards in most areas—and homeowners who take advantage of the awesome after-sales service won’t need to worry about hefty maintenance costs, either.

Exploring the Thermeau Signature Heat Pump Benefits

So, where do Signature pool heat pumps stand in relation to other heat pumps? Let’s check out the qualities that make them an A-class lineup.

Smart Healing Technology

Developed and invented in Canada, the Thermeau Signature line was crafted with innovative smart healing technology to resist extreme temperature variations. Not only will you benefit from constant temperature levels, but you’ll also avoid the progressive deterioration involved with seasonal weather shifts.

Premium-Quality Components

A Thermeau Signature Heat Pump is built to last, utilizing its Mt Holly Ultra Gold evaporator fin to resist corrosion resistance caused by salty seacoast air. Plus, the Signature line is outfitted with rifled titanium tubing—which increases its exchange surface for optimal heat transfer.


Every Signature Heat Pump was designed to remain unheard during operation: The line’s triple-action sound barrier system insulates noise without sacrificing heating and cooling capabilities.

High-Tech Diagnostics

When it comes to temperature precision, the Signature line is one of the best. Featuring an electronic temperature control unit fully supported by auto-diagnostic integration, each Signature Heat Pump provides reliable temperatures without the need for constant user input.

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Supreme Pool Heating at Minimal Cost

If you’re looking for a great heat pump without emptying your pockets, the Thermeau Signature Heat Pump line is your best bet.

GPS Pools is here to help—assuring your family has crystal-clear, warm waters to swim in during every season. Give us a call today at our locations in New Tampa, Lutz, or Land O’ Lakes, and chat with us about the best options for your pool.

We’re always ready to provide heat pump products we love, assuring top-tier pool heating services for the community we love even more.