Fall swimming pool construction

Swimming Pool Construction: Why Fall is the Best Time to Start

Swimming pool construction can be tricky. While the hot months are referred to as the “pool season,” many homeowners are opting against summer installation projects. In fact—they’re picking fall months, instead.

Why is Fall Swimming Pool Construction Popular?

Inground pool constructionUnderstandably, a watery construction job during chilly weeks might seem difficult. Between falling leaves, pre-holiday preparations, and plenty of family visits—fall can seem like a tough season to manage, construction-wise.

Still, experts swear by fall pool work—including pool deck remodeling, concrete pool resurfacing, equipment upgrades, and more. Florida is famous for its sunny summers, exciting outdoor scenes, and water-related fun.

This doesn’t necessarily mean, however, that an inground pool construction project should be completed during the pool’s most active months. But what, exactly, makes fall a great season to redefine your backyard?

Let’s cover the biggest factors.

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1. Consistent Weather is Great for Pool Construction

Firstly, any outdoor construction project, in Florida, is much easier when temperatures and weather are consistent. As you know, spring and summertime see plenty of rain, wind, lightning and even hurricanes. To avoid volatile construction environments, a lot of homeowners are opting for project months with predictable weather.

Weather Delays Won’t Delay Your Project

As a result, the autumn months simply have a higher demand for inground pool construction, deck remodeling jobs, and similar projects. Pool-work providers won’t be delayed if the weather doesn’t get nasty. Their projects often require less property review work, too, as a backyard’s landscape and hardscape are less likely to become hazardous, or difficult to maneuver, in stable weather conditions.

Understandably, your construction team will love working outside when there isn’t blistering heat. Likewise, you’ll have a much easier time installing a landscape to match your redefined pool area if it’s nice outside.

Your Pool Will Be Ready for Summer

Let’s put it this way: You probably want your pool project completed by spring. Or, at the very latest, summer. By getting your pool remodeled, resurfaced, or upgraded before Christmas, you’ll have plenty of wiggle room to make sure it’s perfect for primetime swimming season.

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2. Fewer Chemical Needs

Whether you’re resurfacing your pool’s interior or remodeling your deck, you’ll probably need to empty your pool at some point. At the very least, you’ll need your pool cleaned after the dirt, dust, and grime have fallen on the construction battlefield.

When it comes to refilling a pool, sanitation is key. Your pool’s chemicals need to be perfectly balanced—and you shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg to do this.

Your Pool Will Stay Clean

While autumn is associated with dying leaves, yard work, fire pits and pumpkin parties, the season isn’t as diverse, or dirty, in Florida. The state’s seasonal shifts indicate fall as the cleanest season. Transitioning trees tend to wait until midwinter to shed, and flowers won’t fling pollen until spring. Because there’s less clutter in fall, your pool won’t be littered with pollutants—which throw off a pool’s chemical balance or mess with a brand new surface.

You’ll Save Money on Sanitation

Balancing pool water with chemicals is much cheaper in small, incremental doses. If anything falls into your pool’s depths during or after the post-maintenance refilling process—getting perfect, crystal-clear water can be a pain. Fortunately, a fall remodeling project sets you up for a stable sanitation environment. Your pool’s pump and filter system, whether new or old, won’t need to work overtime to get the job done—saving you extra money.

3. Off-Season Pool Construction Planning

The swimming pool construction world is booming. Much like homeowners yearning for an awesome upgrade, your specialized providers have plenty of service options to consider. Pool lovers and workers, alike, get busy. Depending on the month, projects might demand a little more attention.

Your provider can still remodel your deck, resurface your pool’s interior and upgrade its equipment, year-round, of course, but they’re certainly more efficient in autumn. As we’ve mentioned above, fall construction projects see less downtime. Your providers can work more efficiently—sparing your time, your wallet, and your backyard from ongoing traffic.

You’ll Have Seamless Communication

A pool project might very well be one of the biggest projects you’ll undertake, in terms of your home. By opting for services in the off-season, you and your provider will likely have much more time to communicate during construction. Your professional worker still guarantees top-quality service, of course, but a little extra communication can go a long way in terms of any project adjustments.

You’ll Have Extra Time for Additions

If you’re making a big poolside change in the fall, the extra buffer time before swimming season offers another incredible benefit: extra time to scope out your upgraded pool area for more additions.

Once your deck has been remodeled—or, once you’ve resurfaced your pool—maybe you’re thinking about making changes to your outdoor furniture set, your planters, or your outdoor social area. The off-season can provide ample time to undertake new designs, outfitting your swimming spot with any number of lucrative options.

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