Pebble Tec Pool Surface: Beauty and Durability

Pebble Tec Pool Surface: Beauty and Durability All In One

At GPS Pools, we understand how important a pool can be for a relaxed lifestyle. It’s more than just being able to cool off on a hot day. You’re trying to create a perfect entertainment space, a cozy place to unwind after a hard day at work, and something that ties directly into the existing look and feel of your home or commercial space – all at the same time.

One element of this that many people don’t think about until it’s too late is the pool surface they choose. That’s why we’re proud to offer Pebble Tec pool surfaces to our customers throughout Tampa Bay. Discover the pool surface that brings together striking beauty, excellent durability, and unparalleled flexibility in one convenient and valuable option.

Pebble Tec: The Potential is Limitless

Pebble Tec Pool Color BeautyThe significant advantage that a Pebble Tec pool surface brings with it is versatility. The wide range of different pool finish options means you will find one to suit your needs.

Whether you’re talking about a new build or resurfacing an existing pool, Pebble Tec finishes are made up of a series of small pieces that include natural stones and glass. This and the other ingredients are held together by concrete, giving it that finished look that residential and commercial customers love.

Each pebble directly impacts the way that water is reflected, along with the ultimate tone you see when the water is at full capacity. This makes it an excellent choice for virtually any look and feel you’re going for with your pool area.

Just a few of the shades of pool finishes that you can choose from for either your commercial or residential environment are:

  • Black Pearl
  • Midnight Blue
  • Sedona Red
  • Sky Blue
  • Soft White
  • Tropical Breeze

It doesn’t matter what visual theme you’re trying to create. A Pebble Tec pool surface can help bring your vision into reality in the most effective way possible.

This versatility also extends to the practicality of your pool area. Pebble Tec itself is an ideal option for circumstances like:

  • New builds. When putting in a new pool, one of the most important things to consider always comes down to how your pool matches your home’s existing architecture. Pebble Tec gives you the widest array of options. You’ll be able to match your preferred visual theme with ease and style.
  • Remodels. Pebble Tec is also a great option when trying to take a pool that may be older or has seen better days and restore its original shine and luster. Use Pebble Tec to resurface and repair the pool in a way that doesn’t just make your pool as beautiful as it once was but makes it even better.
  • Commercial pools. When you’re in charge of a large commercial pool in a space like a public recreation center, an event space, or even a hotel, every aspect of the overall visual appearance goes into creating a good first impression. Using Pebble Tec will allow you to create one of the most memorable first impressions ever.

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Adding a Dash of Elegant Color to Your Pool

Your pool’s cleanliness is an important consideration when you are creating a particular look. This and clear water are not the only elements at play to make your pool appear beautiful. A huge factor in this is the quality of the finish.

That’s another one of the reasons why, here at GPS Pools, our residential and commercial customers love Pebble Tec: It’s a great way to help people create a pool that simply “pops” every time you look at it.

Some customers choose to go with brighter colors, like a stunning blue that can’t help but capture the attention of everyone in the area. Others like to go with more of a beige, which is ideal for recreating that look you get when you stare through the water at the sand on your favorite beach.

A Pebble Tec pool surface can accomplish all of this and more, complete with the quality you demand and the value you deserve.

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Durability to Spare

Pebble Tec Surface DurabilityA pivotal factor to consider when it comes to your pool is its lifespan, particularly when it comes to the finish. As pools age, they start to develop damage or even stains, usually through normal wear and tear. This is especially true in heavily trafficked environments, like a residential pool in your backyard that you use for entertaining during the summer or in a place like a hotel that sees massive amounts of foot traffic every day.

Whether you’re talking about a new build or are just concerned with resurfacing an existing pool, you need to choose a finish that is built to last. Pebble Tec is that finish.

With proper care and attention to detail, a Pebble Tec pool surface finish will last between 15 and 25 years on average. This is the perfect opportunity to keep that pool looking its best for as long as possible, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of such an investment with as few downsides as possible.

This also helps underline the importance of hiring a team of professionals, like those at GPS Pools, to take care of your maintenance needs, particularly in a commercial environment. Thanks to our tools and expertise, you’ll know beyond the shadow of a doubt that your pool chemicals are being correctly balanced and that minor issues are being taken care of before they have a chance to become much larger and more expensive.

The advantages of Pebble Tec become evident when you compare it to some of the competing options out there, mainly traditional pool plaster. Not only are the other options more prone to discoloration, but they have also been known to show signs of long-term staining. Some surfaces can also collect bacteria, creating issues with your pool’s water quality. On top of all that, they’re often difficult to clean because plaster, in particular, is a porous material.

Nobody wants to spend the time, energy, and other resources on replicating their pool every five to eight years. Nor should they. If you want to help avoid premature wear and tear and keep your pool looking its absolute best for as long as possible, Pebble Tec is a big part of how you do it.

Exceptional Safety

Another significant advantage of Pebble Tec is the increased safety properties it brings with it.

In any pool area, safety is paramount. Safety should be your top priority if the pool is used extensively, like a public or commercial pool. Thanks to Pebble Tec’s textured surface, you can enjoy a slip-resistant texture that looks as amazing as it performs. Of course, this is only one of the safety precautions you should take in and around your pool. It’s just that, when it comes to safety, any opportunity you have to improve things for those who regularly utilize the area is one worth taking advantage of.

This is also why many customers use Pebble Tec pool surfaces for their pool areas and around spaces like their hot tub or spa. It makes getting into and out of the pool safer, giving you one less thing to worry about.

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An Unforgettable Texture

Beyond the visual aspect of the finish, a Pebble Tec pool surface also offers the type of unique texture that you would be hard-pressed to find with any other option.

The aggregate pebbles at the bottom of the pool provide a terrific feeling under your feet, as you walk through that crystal clear water. If you’re not the type of person who likes the feeling of the larger, traditional Pebble Tec stones, don’t worry, mini pebbles are also an option, and you still get that great texture.

Especially if you like to spend long hours in the pool, Pebble Tec feels softer and silkier on your feet – providing more comfort and an even better experience than you could have ever thought possible. All this goes a long way toward improving every element of the experience, which is part of why you wanted a pool in the first place.

Stick with a Pebble Tec Pool Surface

At GPS Pools, we’re very selective about the companies we work with and the products we offer because we want our residential and commercial clients to enjoy the best. We believe in the products we sell, like Pebble Tec, and they also come with the best warranty.

Contact GPS Pools today at one of our locations in New Tampa, Land O’Lakes, and Lutz to learn more about the benefits of a Pebble Tec pool finish or if you have any additional questions about why it’s a great choice for new builds, remodels, commercial pools, and more.