Travertine Pool Deck Colors

Travertine Pool Deck Colors

The process of designing your pool and building out the concept of your deck can be an exciting job to take on. When it comes to curating a pool deck that radiates the feel of calming luxury, nothing seems to come close to the refined elegance of travertine. This smooth stone can be a wonderful addition to any pool, and it comes in a variety of colors fit for any outdoor aesthetic. 

What is travertine?

Travertine tiles are the direct result of limestone deposits. These deposits usually occur near or as a result of a standard spring or hot spring, forming the sturdy and reliable stone we know and love. 

Travertine can be identified by two prevalent characteristics, the first being its porous texture, the second being the unique veining that comes from calcium carbonate minerals that have formed over time.

What are the different grades of travertine?

When selecting the travertine for your swimming pool, it is important to be informed on the grades that the material comes in. Presently, there are 3 different grades: Premium, Standard, and Commercial Grade. 

Premium grade travertine is the most expensive option as it features less filler material and a more uniform color throughout. A standard grade  or average grade travertine stone has a slightly higher filler ratio while still maintaining quality and overall look. Lastly, commercial grade travertine has the most filler out of the two options, and works best where a tight budget is being considered.

What is the average cost of installing travertine?

Just like with any material, the cost associated with installation of your pool deck is going to vary based on the size of the area, the quality of material being used, and the way in which the material will be installed. Overall, homeowners can expect the average price to be around $30 a square foot. 

Benefits of using travertine for a pool deck

Although a bit more costly, there are plenty of reasons that travertine is chosen as the preferred building material for pool decks around the world. Below we are going to discuss the benefits of adding travertine pavers to your pool setup.

The durability of travertine

One of the many reasons pool owners choose travertine is for its durability. These tiles are very resilient and take longer to show signs of wear and tear than other tiling materials. The reason this material can withstand the elements is due to the stone’s natural density. 

Travertine is aesthetically pleasing

In addition to being a reliable option against wear that’s sure to come with time, the stone also provides beautiful aesthetics. With warm, earthy tones and a sense of elegance, travertine can bring both a sophisticated yet relaxing theme to your outdoor space. 


Have you ever tried to walk on a pool deck on a hot summer day and felt like the soles of your feet were about to melt off? A number of synthetic materials, as well as wood decking itself, can heat up when in direct sunlight, resulting in a painful walking experience once you’ve left the water. In addition to being a beautiful stone, the installation of travertine is a great way to keep your feet cool during those hot summer months. 

A non-slippery surface

While other materials such as ceramic concrete are popular amongst pool owners, travertine provides an added layer of safety. Travertine is considered more slip-resistant than other pool deck options and will not become as slippery when wet.

Common colors of travertine

FInally, let’s go over the most common colors available for your travertine pool project. 


Hoping to accessorize your swimming pool with cool gray tones and subtle color variations? Look no further than silver travertine. This sophisticated color palette can really help elevate the look and feel of your swimming area. 


The soft, creamy hues of the ivory color pattern are sure to bring any area together. For those hoping for more of a mediterranean feel, consider ivory travertine. 


Interested in blending your swimming space with the natural setting around it? Walnut travertine offers rich, earthy color choices that mesh perfectly with your natural surroundings. 


Interested in a more striking, memorable design experience? Create a work of art by opting to incorporate multi-colored travertine tiles into your pool project. This mix in color combination uniquely personalized and elevates the curb appeal of your home. 

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