Pool Trends Florida 2020

Top Swimming Pool Trends for 2020

In the pool world, trends are always evolving. Whether you’ve just installed a new pool or are considering an extensive renovation, knowing the industry’s latest, greatest additions can do wonders for your recreation area’s look, feel and functionality.

Modern pools are much more than water-filled concrete holes. For a few years, now, they’ve been completely redefined to offer a slew of amenities once exclusive to grand hotels and mansions. Today, you can design your pool area to provide the comforts of a luxury area without spending too much.

You can also upgrade your pool area with multiple additions, too. Let’s check out the top swimming pool trends expected to make headway in 2020.

Better Use of Pool Technology

Because resort-style living has extended into regular American citizen backyards, the concepts regularly featured in gateway homes and exotic islands can now be obtained for a faction of the price.

Automated Systems

The first of these features are fully automated systems designed to keep your pool running optimally when you’re not around. Automated and efficient filtration systems aren’t only more effective than traditional pool systems—they’re also better at saving money.

Variable Speed Pumps

Variable speed pumps, meanwhile, let pool owners control the speed—from low to high—of their pumps to meet maximum energy efficiency standards. These pumps can circulate water at low flow rates for prolonged periods of time, reducing overall energy consumption.

While you don’t need to run your pool’s pump at all hours of the day, it’s a good idea to keep it operational if you constantly use your pool. In most cases, running your variable speed pump for up to eight hours per day will be enough. Just make sure you check your pool’s chemical balance and water clarity often.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Swimming Pool Trends Robotic Cleaners FloridaTechnology focused on keeping pool areas clean, too, are pulling ahead of the fashion curve. Robotic pool cleaners utilize incredibly efficient electric motors which require little energy to run. By creating suction, these cleaners propel themselves—much in the way a vacuum cleaner does. These cleaners suck in pool debris, retaining it within the machine, and gently lifts unsightly materials from your pool’s depths.

Many consider robotic pool cleaners to be top-standard pool additions. They might be a little more expensive than traditional pool cleaning systems, but they’re especially good at cleaning large and small debris alike. A robotic pool cleaner can lift up bulkier debris into its filter back via its pump, removing the need to rely solely on your pool’s filter system. Because your pool system needn’t work overtime to pick up tough-to-gather materials, you can save a little more money while taking advantage of a cleaner pool.

Different Deck Design Materials

While traditional concrete still tends to be a popular pool decking option, more homeowners are opting for more sophisticated choices to redefine their pool areas while boosting their accessibility.

The first trend we’re seeing is the use of deck pavers. These are rectangular sections which complement a swimming pool’s outdoor deck area from the minute of installation. Available in many colors, designs, shapes and sizes—these pavers are incredibly adaptable. Plus, they’re incredibly durable.

Travertine is also becoming a popular choice among pool owners—especially those looking for something a little more refined. An ideal surface for those considering extensive outdoor landscaping projects, travertine tiles are incredibly resistant to temperature extremes. Even when exposed to direct sunlight, travertine is cool to the touch. As such, it’s an excellent choice for those who enjoy long poolside days and social poolside nights.

New Pool Resurfacing Ideas

The pool industry has come a long way, where concrete pool finishes are considered. These days, many homeowners are opting for a newer pool finish material called Pebble Tec.

Pebble Tec might be more expensive than plaster, but it’s also one of the highest quality pool surfacing material available. Pebble Tec surfaces are aggregate pool finishes that deliver enduring durability and elegance.

Perfect for those seeking natural pool and spa environments, this surfacing choice features an earthy, textured finish comprised of large pebbles. This resurfacing option both lasts long and increases a pool area’s safety due to its non-slip design. Pebble Tec is stain-resistant, too, providing years of use with far fewer maintenance calls.

Chlorine Alternatives

Chlorine seems like a pool sanitation mainstay, but it’s also being exchanged for new, energy efficient options. One of the most popular of these chlorine alternatives are salt chlorine generators. Also known as salt systems—or salt chlorinators—these generators turn sodium chloride into chlorine.

Because salt water pools have lower chlorine levels, they’re much gentler on the eyes, skin and swimming apparel. Research also suggests that salt water systems are safer than traditional chlorine pools, too, as traditional chlorine pools require owners to store, and handle, a number of unsafe chemicals to maintain their pools’ cleanliness.

Salt water pools still utilize chlorine to kill bacteria, too. As the salty water passes through a generator’s cells, a process called electrolysis breaks it down into chlorine on one side of the system’s plates. The result is a swimming experience which is smooth and noninvasive for humans but incredibly effective at eradicating bacteria as well as traditional chlorine.

Following the Best 2020 Pool Trends

To enjoy your pool year-round, you’ll need to keep it in healthy condition. Sometimes, pool systems run down. Sometimes, a single refinishing job can completely change your pool area’s look, feel and functionality.

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