Rectangle Shaped Pool

The Most Popular Swimming Pool Shapes in 2023

Creating your own dream pool setup through a pool builder comes with quite a bit of options. Thankfully, in the year 2023, there are a number of shapes and sizes at your disposal in your quest to create the perfect relaxing oasis with its own appeal. From sleek, classic designs, to unique and unconventional layouts, we’re here to help you navigate the most popular pool setups this year has to offer.

How to choose a shape for your swimming pool

Selecting the right shape for your upcoming pool project can feel overwhelming, but it’s important to put some thought into your setup. The shape, size, and location of the pool will influence the aesthetics of your backyard and the overall home feel. When making your choice, here are some primary things to consider:

How much space do you have to work with?

Avoid wasting or improperly utilizing whatever space you may have in your yard. Make sure to measure out available space and compare it to potential pool sizes. It is also beneficial to try and tailor your pool to the shape of your available space – most likely the last thing you want as a homeowner is to be left with unusable, unflattering leftover space.

Will you be including a hot tub?

Consider whether or not you want to include a spa or other water features in your setup. Many modern day pools tend to include a hot tub either built into the pool unit, or somewhere adjacent to the pool itself. The combination of both cool and warm water climates creates an enjoyable range of relaxing conditions.

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Personal aesthetic preference

Your personal style should be carried out throughout the majority of your home – the pool is no different. Allow your creativity and taste to bleed into your pool design as it is a direct reflection of your space. Plus, a fun, unique pool design could be a talking point for guests, or an interesting photo opportunity.

8 of the most popular swimming pool shapes

Kidney shaped pools

Want something elegant but don’t want to stray too far from a simplistic design? Kidney shaped pools may be your best bet. These fun yet timeless designs fit into the stylistic preferences of many homeowners.

Rectangular pools

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! This shape is great for maximizing the utilization of space, as well as a timeless design, rectangle pools are stylish and budget friendly!

Roman shaped pools

Taking a step up from the standard rectangle shape, Roman pools meld together two geometric shapes to elevate the pool experience. Simple, yet refined, you can’t go wrong with a Roman shaped pool.

Oval or round pools

Another classic, both oval and circular shaped pools are always a good option. Designed to bring out a more relaxing feel, you can easily create a fun hangout spot with family and friends.

L shaped pools

Do you have an oddly shaped yard? Want a bigger pool to do laps in but don’t have too much excess space? L shaped pools provide a unique look, while conforming to limited space requirements.

Multi-sided pools

Looking to stand out? Multi-sided pools and geometric pools (think of pools in the shape of an octagon) can serve as a statement piece for your home. Both eye catching and unique, these modern twists to circular pools can be a great addition to any backyard space.

figure 8 pool

Figure 8 shaped pools

Figure eight pools are curated through a simple concept: combining two circular pools together with a narrow waist area. These pools are simple, sleek, and fun.

Freeform or custom shaped pools

If a custom project fits your big vision and price range, consider designing a freeform pool. These pools come with practically no rules or restrictions on square footage or layout, allowing for unrestrained creativity and personality. Not only is this a great way to execute self expression, it can also allow homeowners with limited space to maximize their potential!

No matter the shape, GPS Pools maintains, repairs and upgrades your pool!

Regardless of what design you settle on, you can trust GPS Pools for all of your pool maintenance needs. Our local stores offer a range of pool covers and products that are aimed at simplifying your pool care routine. In the event that your pool needs a little more than what you’re willing to tackle, you can trust one of our trained professionals to get the job done. Don’t hesitate to give us a call, we’re happy to help make your pool a focal point of your home.