PureChlor Salt Systems: Brand Review

PureChlor Salt System: Brand Review

These days, saltwater pools are incredibly popular. Over half of installed in-ground pools use salt-based sanitization—and, every year, more traditional, chlorinated pool owners are opting for conversions. Between the industry’s best saltwater pool systems, some options offer much more than others. To convert your pool to a clean, pure, and refreshing experience, a salt system offers some of the best benefits around.

What’s the PureChlor Salt System?

Purechlor Salt System for poolsSo, what makes a salt system’s technology so great, anyway? Will a PureChlor salt system last longer than a traditional chlorine system? To understand its benefits, it’s important to know how it works. Let’s check out the design.

Salt chlorination is today’s leading option for pool sanitation. It’s natural, convenient, and reliable. Unlike standard chlorine pools, saltwater pools use a natural process, electrolysis, to turn salt into natural chlorine.

This natural chlorine is much gentler on the skin, hair, and eyes. While a saltwater pool’s natural chlorine levels are enough to disinfect, they won’t damage your swimwear. Another reason pool-lovers turn to saltwater pools is that they require less attention than regular chlorine pools, as saltwater pools use fewer chemicals.

A salt system uses a simple, but powerful, formula. This formula carefully measures your water—determining the best outputs for perfectly balanced depths. Over the years, salt system technology has been refined and perfected to make your pool’s conversion a simple process.

By achieving this best-possible balance, the salt system makes your pool’s chlorine much more effective. In doing so, it destroys more bacteria, algae, and viruses. It even protects your pool equipment from yearly corrosion.

Exploring PureChlor Salt System Technology

There’s a reason PureChlor is named across tens of thousands of worldwide swimming pools: It works. Its saltwater is always clear, refreshing, and ready to use. Safe for children, the elderly, pets, and daily pool-goers, it’s the most accessible—and gentle—saltwater experience around.

The PureChlor experience begins with easy installation. If you need assistance, one of our local, associated contractors can help. Each salt system is powered by our incredible PureChlor Power Supply—or PSU. The PSU is the heart of your PureChlor technology. It’s responsible for powering your system’s generator, efficiently so. Due to its incredible capacity and durability, your salt system will last longer than most standard chlorine systems.

This core component is fully certified to UL1081, featuring the most advanced digital circuitry available. Every inch of technology is enclosed to prevent moisture, temperature, and pressure changes—so your system is always ready for action. By monitoring your pool’s salt levels, as well as its current output, the salt system creates the perfect environment of equilibrium.

The Quick, Easy to Use, and Reliable Solution

PureChlor PSUs are incredibly durable. From top to bottom, they’re designed to withstand the entire spectrum of extreme environments. From blistering heat waves to springtime lightning storms, your saltwater system will persist.

A User-Friendly Interface

Unlike other leading saltwater systems, PureChlor technology is easy to use. Its design interface might house incredibly complex technology—but it’s been carefully crafted to be fun! The interface features instant-access buttons to check chlorine levels, control water flows, and check out your system cell’s power levels. Don’t worry: The interface’s salt cell is a long-lasting one, providing pristine waters for many years.

Perfect Measurements for Perfect Waters

Each saltwater system offers eight levels of chlorine output. Accessible to most pools, PureChlor systems can be installed with both single-speed and variable speed pumps. It’s a good idea to ask about your pool’s size before preparing for installation, however. A pool’s overall volume determines its water balance needs—so, sometimes, a larger saltwater system may be needed.

Incredible output and balance are why these saltwater systems are customer favorites. Every second of water flow is measured by an intuitive flow sensor—so your pool never loses equilibrium. PureChlor technology also works with most filters, too, so your pool’s cleanliness is never sacrificed.

PureChlor Salt Systems Vs Chlorine Pool Systems

Salt systems offer a much better sanitization method than traditional chlorine systems. Because it operates independently, there’s much less downtime. When there’s less downtime, a pool’s sanitization system requires less energy to keep a healthy fluid equilibrium.

There’s another main reason why PureChlor salt systems vs chlorine pool system maintenance paint PureChlor as a clear winner: It produces much clearer, cleaner, waters than standard chlorination. If you’ve always wanted a silky-smooth swimming experience, PureChlor can provide. Each of our PSUs has been crafted with elegant engineering protocols to maintain this experience, too, greatly reducing the chance of rough, unclean waters.

Will your PureChlor salt system last longer than a traditional chlorine system? Definitely. Salt chlorination is natural sanitization. It doesn’t require harsh chemicals to work—so your sanitization system won’t be exposed to chemical corrosion. The same, all-natural solution to crystal clear water also protects your skin, hair, nails, and eyes from aggravation.

A Wonderful Cost Solution

Salt cells turn salt into active chlorine, which costs much less than traditional liquid, or chlorine tablets. Throughout its lifetime, your salt system won’t require as much maintenance as a traditional chlorine system, either. Between fewer repair bills, fewer overactive system sessions, and cost-efficient chlorine output—you’ll save plenty of money.

Consider this cost-efficient question, too: Will a PureChlor salt system last longer than a chlorine system, in terms of value? Absolutely. Each salt system arrives with a Limited Five-Year Transferable Warranty, so you’re always financially protected. Our experienced Customer Support team is ready to assist at a second’s notice, too, offering the best experience around. Whether it’s installation, a system check-up, minor maintenance, or in-depth repair, we have you covered.

Contact GPS Pools for Salt System Installation

Here at GPS Pools, we love providing timeless comfort and pristine waters. Give us a call at 813-948-9091 or 813-345-8596 to begin your saltwater pool journey. We pride ourselves upon top-quality saltwater system installations crafted from the industry’s most technologically advanced options.

We love the poolside loungers, swimmers, families, and friends responsible for our success—and we’re dedicated to providing the most effective, efficient, and long-lasting saltwater technology around. From start to finish, every system installation proves why PureChlor salt solutions are the best around.