Hayward AquaRite 100 Salt System

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The AquaRite 100 salt chlorination system is every bit as convenient as it is effective.

Efficient, Automatic Sanitation

The AquaRite 100 operates by naturally dissolving salt into the chlorine you use to sanitize your pool. Not only does this to software water, but it also won’t come with the disadvantages normally associated with harsh cleaning chemicals. These include irritation to your eyes, instances of dry skin, and the colors fading on the clothes you’re wearing into the pool.

Endless Compatibility

The best part of all is that the AquaRite 100 salt chlorination system is already compatible with the equipment you’re used t using. Because of how easy it is to operate, it can also cut overall sanitation and chlorine costs by 50% in some cases.


  • Produces up to 20% more chlorine than other similar systems on the market
  • Cut traditional chlorine cost by 50%
  • Easy to install in existing pools
  • Weatherproof control unit ensures optimal performance in all conditions
  • Advanced dispensing capability operates at flow rates as low as 20-25 GPM
  • Ability to operate over a wide salt range, 1500 and 4500 PPM
  • Clear vessel and easy-to-remove cartridge allow for easy servicing