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Pool Maintenance 101: How To Care for Your Pool

When it comes to pools, clear, pristine water is the stuff pool owners dream about. First time pool owners can find the maintenance process overwhelming! Maintenance is vital for the quality and lifespan of your pool, and should never be skipped out on.

Let’s review the basics of owning a swimming pool, as well as some tips and tricks that keep your sparkling oasis looking clean and cared for.

What is essential to maintaining your pool?

Let’s start off with the pool care basics. Below we’ve outlined some maintenance essentials that help keep the grime and bacteria at bay.

Pool water circulation

Stagnant water is always the perfect breeding ground for the two big bad B words: bugs and bacteria! Ponds and large puddles quickly become home to algae, bugs, and a number of other unwanted guests.

Part of the process of maintaining clean pool water is ensuring there is some form of circulation throughout the pool. Water pumps and pool jets aid in the effective distribution of pool chemicals once administered, as well as help move the water through the filtration system to remove unwanted contaminants.

Filtration is what keeps your pool dirt free

On the topic of filtration, having a functional pool filter is going to make the possibility of clean, clear water a reality. Regardless of what protective barriers you place on or over your pool, or how regularly you skim the pool surface for contaminants, filters are critical to keeping the pool clean, as well as stopping debris from breaking your pool systems.

Scrub your pool walls and clean your filter as needed

While chemicals and filters can do most of the heavy lifting, you’re going to want to scrub your pool walls and clean filters on a routine basis. Creating a reliable pool cleaning schedule is going to help you keep track of when important pool care maintenance should be done, as well as remind you of the small important pieces of your pool that need to be cared for. 

It’s easy to forget about your pool pump basket, pool filter or cartridge filter if you don’t have a clear cleaning schedule. Algae buildup on pool walls is easy to see and take care of!

Test your pool water regularly

Another fundamental of owning a pool is keeping the water chemistry in check. New pool owners should check their pools’ chlorine levels bi-weekly.

To be safe, test water prior to swimming or if you notice signs of cloudy water or algae growth. The skill of learning how to balance water chemistry comes with time, experience, and a pinch of patience.

Balance your water after receiving your pool’s test results

In the event that your pool’s chlorine levels are imbalanced, work to restore the water chemistry as soon as possible. Keeping a balanced ratio of pool chemicals and water is going to be imperative to clean water that’s safe to swim in. For more information, read our article on maintaining your pool’s pH level.

What parts of the pool need to have regular maintenance?

While some parts of your pool need less attention than others, knowing which parts of your pool need regular attention is important! Regular maintenance reduces the severity of potential pool problems and fixes later on.

The pool water is the most important aspect of a pool

The water filling your pool is the most important aspect of keeping a healthy, working, crystal clear pool. Keep pH testers on hand to check the chemical balance of your water. Besides that, a quick look over your pool reveals changes in color, growth of algae on your pool walls, or buildup of debris on your surface or floor.

Filtration systems need routine maintenance

Clean pool filters are a must. Regularly brush pool filters clean of any debris and change out any cartridge filters per the cleaning guide outlined by the product’s developer. 

Keep up with the interior of your pool

Give the interior of the pool a good scrubbing every so often. Algae and harmful bacteria could begin to grow on the surfaces of your pool that are not consistently underwater. 

What are some different ways to keep the pool clean?

Beyond a little extra elbow grease, there are a few different tools that you can use to help keep your pool clean and your water balanced. If you find it overwhelming, GPS Pools offers regular maintenance!

Invest in a pool vacuum 

A pool-owner’s best friend is a pool vacuum. Vacuuming pools help clean up dirt, leaves, and bugs that have fallen to the bottom of the pool. Keeping one of these working for a few hours per day will significantly help with water maintenance. 

Shock your pool

Another regularly used tool amongst pool owners is what is known as “shocking”. While the name may seem to imply the use of electricity, the reality is that you’re just rapidly spiking the pool’s chlorine levels in order to immediately rid the water of harmful bacteria and growth.

Troubleshooting your pool helps keep your pool clean

In the event that you can visually tell something is wrong with your pool’s water, consider troubleshooting various remedies to pool common pool problems to ensure your pool is in the best possible condition.

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