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Pool Deck Resurfacing: What It Is & Why You Need It

More than just a functional part of the home, the pool deck serves as a communal area to both relax and spend quality time with family and friends. Bringing both style and practicality to your outdoor space, there will come a time when your pool deck will need some additional care and attention due to weather and wear over time. Let’s talk about what goes into the process of deck resurfacing, as well as why it can be beneficial in caring for your property.

What is pool deck resurfacing?

Resurfacing a pool deck is the artistic and architectural process of bringing a new, reimagined life to your deck. With the help of a specialist, a pool deck can be reimagined and brought to life through a number of decorative concrete coating options and color combinations. 

What does pool deck resurfacing look like

While it may be easy to consider a deck resurfacing a complete renovation of your space, the truth is that there are no limits on what can be done when revitalizing the deck area. 


The goal with this type of service is to breathe new life into your pool area without the need for rebuilding from the ground up. A trained deck specialist will come to assess the structural integrity and “bones” of your deck to see what can be accomplished. 

When should a pool deck be resurfaced?

Resurfacing your deck comes with no specific timeline. Generally, for many homeowners, the choice to begin resurfacing is made when clear signs of wear are present. Any cracking, fading, or spalding are great indicators that a resurfacing treatment may need to be considered. 


It could also be a purely aesthetic decision that’s made with changes in taste and style preferences.

Benefits of pool deck resurfacing

So, why is resurfacing your pool deck important? Will it add value to the home? Will it make the area safer? Knowing why you should invest in resurfacing will make the decision making process simpler and easier to plan out.

The biggest benefit is addressing safety concerns

One of the most important benefits to the resurfacing process is the ability for a professional to come and assess any potential safety concerns. Not only will you be notified of any issues that are present, the issues that were discovered can be addressed and remedied with the service, leaving you with the safest pool deck possible.

Aesthetics are improved with pool resurfacings

Whether you want a stamped concrete overlay, special spray texture, or a custom color combination, there are a limitless number of design options ready to be brought to life around your pool. Simply schedule a consultation to understand the full extent of what it would take to make your dream deck a reality.

Pool resurfacings add value to the overall property 

Electing to renovate your pool deck surface may seem like a significant amount out of pocket, but the truth is that resurfacing pool decks is a cost effective way to affect the overall market value of your home positively, raising the value of the property. Well maintained decks are attractive to potential buyers and can elevate the selling potential. 

Your pool will last longer 

Like our cars, the more time, care, and attention we choose to put into the area around the pool, the longer it will last us in return. There are a number of design options, as well as concrete overlays or wholly new concrete surfaces that can be implemented to protect the deck, elongating the amount of life it has to offer you and your family. 

Things to consider when pool deck resurfacing

When choosing to move forward with your resurfacing project, it is important to assess your deck resurfacing options and outline a few specific pieces of information in order to obtain the cool pool deck your family has been dreaming of. 

Manage your pool budget responsibly

Although the process and creativity that comes with deck resurfacing can seem fun and exciting, it is important to create a realistic budget for your project. While all the bells and whistles are just a few requests away, try to prioritize the most important parts of your resurfacing project. 


Receiving an accurate estimate based on the area of the deck per square foot is going to help determine what types of amenities are available within your average cost allowance. 

What material is your pool deck made of?

Come prepared! Prior to asking for an estimate from a company, understand what material your pool deck is composed of so that a professional can lay out all the options and price ranges accordingly. 


Whether your deck is a slip-resistant concrete deck with knockdown texture or an appealing aggregate pool deck, all of this information will be helpful for your contractor to know. 

What color are you looking for your pool?

When making your choices, keep in mind your preferred color palette while also factoring what colors will work best with the home and surrounding landscape. Try to choose a group of colors that will not only make you happy, but increase the valuation and curb appeal of the home. 

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