Pentair Variable Speed Pool Pump product line review

Pentair Variable Speed Pool Pumps: The Inside Review

As a pool owner, you know that a pump is essential to the cleanliness and overall condition of your pool. It is the heart of the pool’s circulation system, clearing debris and mixing chemicals. Pool pumps were once considered a necessary evil of ongoing energy output and rising electricity bills. That is, until the Pentair Variable Speed Pool Pump was introduced. The idea of variable speed and power meant lower pool maintenance costs and more effective filtering.

The Pool Pump Industry Before

Before variable speed pumps were introduced, single speed and dual pumps were industry staples. But when these pumps were turned on, they stayed on. At one speed with constant filtration and a continuous uptick in dollar signs. And once you turned off your pool pump, there was no more filtration.

Single speed pumps are enticing. They have low initial costs and can get the job done. However, you’re either all-in or all-out with this type of pool pump. This means continuous maintenance of your pool by turning the pump on and off all day long, and losing out on the side of energy cost savings when you’ve been forced to leave a pump running for 24 hours.

A dual speed pump attempted to fix the energy consumption of a single speed, but many pool owners would still run them at low speeds all day long. However, low speeds don’t produce as much water flow and pools would be found almost as dirty as when you started.

The Introduction of the Pentair Variable Speed Pool Pump

The IntelliFlo Variable Speed technology was an innovation unlike any seen before in the pool pump industry. Pentair was able to introduce something with a long service life that was energy efficient and near-silent.

The pump meets strict energy efficiency criteria set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy – which makes it ENERGY STAR® Certified. Compared with traditional pumps, energy savings are estimated up to 90%. The Pentair Variable Speed Pool Pump also has built-in diagnostics to give the pump a longer service life.

The pump’s ultra-efficient permanent magnet motor design reduces noise and vibration. The totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) design makes IntelliFlo the quietest pump available. To put this into perspective, a library has an average decibel output of 30 dB, while a moderate rainfall sits around 50 dB. The IntelliFlo pumps fall right in the middle at 45 dB. This is not only great for efficiency and a much longer pump life, but it is also a favorite for anyone who prefers the calm and relaxation of a backyard pool.

Variable Speed Pump Features

Pump Performance and Control

The size of your pool sets the standard for the level of performance needed from your pump. In order to filter the water and properly circulate chemicals, specific motor sizes and speeds are recommended.

A motor size between 1.5 – 2.0 horsepower is recommended for the best possible performance in medium-size pools. Larger pools, on the other hand, typically require a much higher horsepower to circulate large volumes of water through the variable pump. A Pentair Variable Speed Pool Pump has the proper settings to adjust the water flow for any given pool.

Traditional single speed pumps operate at an unchangeable speed setting, but the Pentair Variable Speed Pumps have three to eight different adjustable speeds. Additionally, there is a built-in timer to ensure that the pump runs at optimum speed and duration.

Once installed, the IntelliFlo pump is fully compatible with IntelliTouch®, EasyTouch® and SunTouch® Control Systems, providing a range of options from indoor control panels to wireless remotes to manage pool heating, lighting, spa jets, water features and more. For even greater control, add an optional ScreenLogic® Interface to your automation system and access your pool from practically anywhere and at anytime using your smartphone, computer, or mobile device.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

One of the biggest reasons behind pool owners switching to a variable speed pool pump is the potential cost savings. A Pentair Variable Speed Pool Pump can save you up to 90% on the energy output associated with your pool. Many pool pumps, even those considered to be “energy-efficient,” still use the traditional technology of an induction-style motor. The IntelliFlo pump uses an advanced permanent magnet motor, similar to what is in a hybrid car.

Because of the level of energy reduction a pool owner receives, estimated cost savings can be up to $1,500 per year as compared to single speed pumps. Yes, many Pentair Variable Speed Pool Pumps might seem costly on the front end, but you can rest assured that you are highly likely to see a return on that investment within the first year.

What Sets Pentair Apart

Many pool owners already use a dual speed pumps, as they have proven cost efficient. So why would you change to variable speed when what you currently have is working fine?

The Pentair Variable Speed Pool Pump motors have made a significant impact on electricity savings based purely on the design of the motor. By utilizing the variable speed control, these energy savings have reached an extreme new limit. Also, the level of control over programmability is unseen in other products on the market. Speed can be automatically adjusted throughout the day given any unseen situation. And if you cut the speed in half, you can cut power consumption by 87%.

Adjusting the speed does more than prove energy efficient and good for your wallet, when water moves more slowly for longer, it helps reduce the occurence of algae. Pumps that typically pump water briskly and then are shut off for long periods of time, do not sift and filter out particles as well. This is also true for automatic chemical dispensers and chlorinators. Each work a bit better when water is kept moving.

What to Consider When Choosing a Model

Choosing the correct variable speed pool pump shouldn’t be taken lightly as it is a substantial investment for any pool owner. It is essential to look at every feature, benefit, and detail associated with the Pentair Variable Speed Pump may have before making a final decision.

The benefits of an Intelliflo pump have proven to far outweigh any previously touted by old industry pumps. In fact, the Pentair Variable Speed Pool Pump is the best possible solution a pool owner has to reduce algae build-up, improve filtering, and boost chlorinator performance while receiving energy and cost savings.

A few things to consider beyond the aforementioned features:

  • Size – Bigger doesn’t always mean better. A pump suited for the flow rate and turnover required for your pool is essential.
  • In or Above Ground – While many pool pumps are interchangeable, it is best to find one suited for your type of pool
  • Installation – Installing a new variable speed pump requires more than just wiring and plumbing. It also includes optimizing the pump and pool settings to get the best possible energy reduction. Don’t try to install a variable pump without an expert.

At GPS Pools, we carry three Pentair Variable Speed Pool Pump models. To determine which is best for your pool, keep reading.

Pentair Intelliflo 3HP 230V Pool Pump VSF Variable

The Pentair Intelliflo 3HP 230V Pool Pump has eight programmable speed settings with a built-in timer that assures the best possible speed and runtimes for maximum efficiency and savings. The enclosed fan-cooled design keeps the motor running quietly for a longer extended period.

It has a top-mounted field compartment that allows for easy access and connection and the different lip lengths add flare to the design. The Intelliflo pump also comes with a circuit protector two-pole 20 AMP device near the electrical panel; dimensions: 28.5″ L x 12.5″ W x 16.5″ H.

It is fully compatible with IntelliTouch®, EasyTouch®, and SunTouch® pool control systems. It improves filter and chlorinator performances and helps reduce algae build-up. The built-in diagnostic system protects the pump so it can have a longer service life.

For added energy savings, filtering, and lower electric bills choose the Pentair Intelliflo 3HP 230V Pool Pump VSF Variable.


  • Eight programmable speed settings
  • Maximum efficiency and savings
  • Reduces algae build-up
  • Motor runs quietly

Pentair SuperFlo VS Energy Efficient Variable Speed Pool Pump

The Pentair SuperFlo VS Energy Efficient 5 HP motor is ideal for any standard-size swimming pool. It has three operating speed settings with an override capability. This variable speed pump has an intuitive interface that shows what the RPMs are set at and the number of watts. The operating range is between 110 and 230 volts for added convenience.

The Pentair SuperFlo long-lasting variable speed pump is easy to install due to its compact, durable design, and easy step-by-step instructions. It is easily programmable and works great for a replacement pump. This variable speed pool pump has an ultra-quiet TEFC motor that runs quietly yet powerfully enough to circulate large amounts of water.

They are competitively priced with high energy reduction on the electric bill. For quality performance, reliability, affordability, and a substantial amount of energy-savings, choose the variable speed pool pump.


  • Compact and sturdy design
  • Fair competitive price
  • Ultra-quiet TEFC pump motor
  • Five horsepower motor speed settings

Pentair Intelliflo VS+SVRS Variable Speed Energy Saving Pool Pump

The Pentair Intelliflo VS+SVRS is the first swimming pool pump that has a built-in safety vacuum release system. The system can detect drain blockages and is capable of shutting itself down while allowing a pool owner to adjust the right amount of speed for safe operation.

This variable speed pump has a customization software system that allows necessary speed adjustments for the water jets, filtering, heating, and cleaning. The digital technology intelligence of this model can reduce pump-related energy cost up to 90%.

As a result, it gives base savings of 30% above all traditional old industry motors. It is EPA Energy Star certified with a two-inch intake and discharge ports and operates on 230 volts. The variable speed pump has a permanent magnetic motor technology that provides everyday base savings.

Intelliflo energy savings variable pump is an excellent asset for any standard size pool, to help reduce energy costs while providing a durable water filtering system.


  • Drainage blockage detection
  • 30% savings above old industry models
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Ideal for a standard size pool


Choose Your Pentair Variable Speed Pool Pump Today

With innovation unlike anything seen in the pool pump industry before, Pentair introduced variable speed pool pumps and made them almost impossible to pass up. For pool owners in Florida, there isn’t much better than having full control over the quality and efficiency of your pool from just about anywhere.

With a Pentair Variable Speed Pool Pump from GPS Pools, you’ll enjoy clear water, a reduction in power, enhanced durability, functionality, and cost savings you can truly measure.


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