Pentair Pool Heaters Review

Pentair Pool Heaters & Heat Pumps: Brand Review

If you had to sum up all the benefits of owning a swimming pool in a single word, “convenience” would likely be it.

There’s nothing quite like coming home from a hard day at work and relaxing with a nice dip in the pool. This is especially true when you live in a place like Florida, known for its hotter climate. Of course, depending on the time of year you’re talking about, things might get a bit on the chilly side – when a pool heated or pool heat pump will enter the conversation.

With so many options available on the market, it cannot be easy to know where to begin. That’s why, at GPS Pools, we’re proud to offer Pentair pool heaters and Pentair heat pumps for our customers. They’re one of the best manufacturers in the business, and all it takes is a glance at their current product line to see why.

But how can you be sure that you’re investing in a piece of equipment that will function exactly how you want it to? What environmental considerations do you need to know to ensure you get the best model? How do you regulate the temperature of your pool without spending excessive money to do it? The answers to these questions and more are much more accessible than one might think.

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The Differences Between Pool Heaters and Heat Pumps

Regardless of the equipment manufacturer, you’re talking about, and it’s essential to acknowledge that pool heaters and pool heat pumps are designed for two different situations. They may have the same ultimate goal – making sure that the temperature of your pool’s water is precisely where you need it to be – but they do this in two different ways.

Pool heaters are powered by propane or a related external fuel source. They heat the water of the pool itself. Because of that, they can reach your intended temperature faster than other methods. Most customers use pool heaters when they want their pool water to be at a consistent temperature for an extended period. They set the temperature and then leave things alone, allowing the equipment to take care of the rest.

A heat pump will work better in frigid temperatures than a pool heater would by how these devices operate. On the other hand, heat pumps rely on the temperature of the air surrounding your pool to operate. Rather than heating the pool water directly, they extract heat from the surrounding air. The primary consideration here is that this process will take a bit longer than a traditional pool heater. Likewise, it’s largely dependent on the temperature outside.

If cost is your primary concern, heat pumps tend to be more affordable in the long run. You may invest more money initially by purchasing the appropriate equipment. But you save money because you do not constantly have to pay for propane or other fuel to keep that equipment functioning. Likewise, you can handle the fluctuating gas (or electricity) prices in your area with a heat pump.

When purchasing a pool heater or heat pump, it’s also essential to pay attention to the brand, as the manufacturer will play a significant role in your success. With that in mind, Pentair has a wide range of options for you to choose from depending on your needs – all of which are some of the most trusted in the industry.

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Pentair Pool Heaters – The MasterTemp

Pentair Mastertemp Pool HeaterFirst, we have the MasterTemp high-performance heater – an option designed to save pool owners money and energy in one fell swoop. Building off of the reputation that Pentair already has for offering efficient and dependable equipment, the MasterTemp pool heater embraces several intelligent features designed to take these advantages even further.

One of the biggest is the innovative connectivity features available via the Pentair Automation System. They allow you to manage your pool functions anywhere, at any time, on any device connected to the Internet. You won’t have to guess whether your equipment is operating at peak efficiency because you’ll know beyond a doubt.

The MasterTemp also features a full-text digital display that brings all of the functions you’ll come to depend on together, making them easily accessible via a user-friendly menu. Not only does this guarantee ease of use, but it also helps with any potential diagnostics you may need to run.

Speaking of intelligent features, digital connectivity is also achievable thanks to the way MasterTemp can integrate with your pool’s existing automation system. You can take advantage of features like the advanced ignition control module that guarantees maximum heater performance, complete with its flame strength sensor.

Even beyond that, several state-of-the-art features make MasterTemp, a top choice among customers. Alerts can be pushed to your smartphone, tablet, or another mobile device, for example, so that you can always know exactly where the performance of your heater stands. If there is an issue, you don’t have to hope that you discover it on your own – you’ll automatically be alerted so that you can do something about it.

Not only that, but the optional smart heater bypass valve also allows you to divert the flow of water when the heater isn’t needed. This can help you save up to 35% on the annual cost of operating your equipment over time.

Depending on which model you choose, the Pentair MasterTemp ranges in weight from 120 to 138 pounds.

Pentair Pool Heaters – The UltraTemp

Pentair UltraTemp Pool Heat PumpNo discussion of high-quality Pentair heat pumps would be complete without a mention of the UltraTemp – literally the first option in the industry of its kind that is charged with the non-ozone-depleting refrigerant R410A. So not only will this allow you to get the temperature of your pool to exactly where you want it, but it will also allow you to help do your part to protect our fragile environment.

The UltraTemp sports a 100% titanium heat exchanger – a critical feature that guarantees a corrosion-free performance that significantly extends the unit’s expected lifespan.

In terms of operation, UltraTemp features an LCD control board with a menu-driven system that makes it easy to use and even easier to customize. Forget about trying to figure out what seemingly random codes mean. Everything is stated in plain language, and most adjustments can be handled in a matter of moments.

The UltraTemp also features an auto-set feature that proactively monitors water temperature at all times. This is designed to override the time clock when your needs call for it. It will automatically turn the water circulation pump on and off as needed based on the pool temperature you have previously set.

Also available is an automatic defrost feature that again proactively monitors refrigerant temperature. This allows UltraTemp to operate effectively even when the temperatures drop outside. This is done to prevent freezing, which can cause a myriad of frustrating (not to mention expensive) issues down the road.

Many customers love that UltraTemp is compatible with all automated control packages they may be using, so there is no need to worry about complicated workarounds. It is also constructed with a high-quality, corrosion-resistant plastic composite cabinet that can cover virtually everything, from severe climates to even the harshest pool chemicals. This goes a long way toward cutting down on frustrating maintenance and unexpected periods of downtime.

Other qualities that make this one of the top heat pump models available on the market – and certainly one of the best Pentair heat pumps you can buy – have to do with its high energy efficiency. It was built to meet or exceed all existing codes and standards. The BTU (British Thermal Unit) and efficiency performance are also independently certified by the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute, otherwise known as the AHRI for short. The UltraTemp has also been ETL listed for the safest operation possible, giving you the peace of mind that you may not have with other options.

Pentair Pool Heaters – The Max-E-Therm

Pentair Max E Therm Pool HeaterLast but not least, we have the Max-E-Therm high-performance heater. This option is again designed to help you save as much money as possible by superior energy efficiency compared to competing brands.

As with other Pentair options, the Max-E-Therm relies heavily on state-of-the-art innovative features to guarantee these benefits. The intelligent connectivity that works with the Pentair IntelliCenter Control System is among them. This allows for the more efficient management of pool functions from any mobile device with an active Internet connection. So you could be in the comfort of your backyard or halfway around the world on vacation – you’ll still be able to see the current status of your pool and various conditions so that you can make adjustments accordingly.

This model also offers real-time notifications so that you’re always aware of the status of your pool. If performance conditions deviate outside the accepted definition of “normal,” you’ll instantly get an alert about it – all to put you in a better position to do something about it.

The Max-E-Therm also offers sophisticated digital connectivity that integrates nicely with your pool’s existing automation system. This is especially evident with the flame strength sensor. This, coupled with the advanced ignition control module, allows you to manage and monitor the performance of your heater more.

Again, a full-text digital display allows you to easily control all functions from a single screen, regardless of how advanced they are. So if you want to make a few quick adjustments to the heater’s settings or if you want to run a full diagnostic scan to hopefully get to the bottom of any issue that you’re experiencing, you can do so from one easy-to-use screen.

The Max-E-Therm is also compatible with an optional intelligent heater bypass valve. As previously mentioned, this will help divert the flow of water when the heater isn’t needed so that it isn’t in operation (and thus using energy) when it isn’t expressly necessary. This can save an estimated 35% in yearly operational costs depending on the environment that you live in.

As mentioned above, you can’t go wrong with any Pentair pool heaters and heat pump options. All of them bring something unique to the table. Consider your specific use case and what you need from such equipment for the best results. Then, work your way back to the best option to meet those expectations. If you need additional help deciding which model or product line to go with, the team at GPS Pools is always available.

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