Jandy Pool Heaters & Heat Pumps: Brand Review

Jandy Pool Heaters & Heat Pumps: Brand Review

Owning a swimming pool brings with it a wide range of different benefits that cannot be ignored. For starters, there are few things more enjoyable than coming home after a long day and relaxing outdoors in the nice, comfortable water. Pools also create an exceptional opportunity during the warmer months to entertain with your friends, family members, and other loved ones.

Of course, even though Florida is known for its warmer temperatures all year round, there will still be days when the water might be a bit chilly on its own. For those times, pool heaters and heat pumps will absolutely come in handy.

When it comes to these essential items, there are a number of different models from a variety of manufacturers for you to choose from. At GPS Pools, we stock Jandy pool heaters and heat pumps for a simple reason: they’re one of the best manufacturers in the business. Their products are known for their reliability and their quality and many satisfied customers have confirmed precisely that over the years.

But before you make a purchase, you’ll want to take care to make sure that you’re getting a unit that can meet your needs – regardless of what they happen to be. Would a pool heater be more in line with your requirements, or is a heat pump a better fit? What is the major difference between the two anyway if both of them “essentially do the same thing?” The answers to these and other essential questions require you to keep a few key things in mind.

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Pool Heaters and Heat Pumps: The Similarities and Differences

Jandy pool heaters and heat pumps – as is true with equipment in this category from other manufacturers – do in fact have a similar purpose. They are designed to make sure that the temperature of your swimming pool’s water is always where you need it to be, so you can enjoy a nice dip whenever you want. How they both go about that, however, is different in a few significant ways.

Pool heaters are typically operated via propane or gas. They work by heating the pool’s water directly. Think of it a bit like the hot water heater in your home that makes sure you can take a nice, warm shower whenever you want. Because of this design, pool heaters tend to get your water to the desired temperature very quickly – certainly faster than their heat pump counterparts.

Many people invest in pool heaters when they need their water to be at a precise temperature for an extended period of time. All you have to do is specify what that temperature actually is, and the pool heater will go to work.

A heat pump, on the other hand, is something different. They don’t use an external fuel source at all – instead, they extract heat from the outdoor air around them. That heat is then used to bring the pool up to the desired temperature.

Because of this, heat pumps tend to take longer to achieve their goal than heat pumps. They’re also entirely dependent on the temperature outside. If the temperature drops too low, they may not be able to reach that perfect temperature at all.

One of the biggest considerations to make when deciding between a pool heater and a heat pump comes down to cost. While heat pumps tend to be more expensive initially, they’re more cost-effective in the long run because you’re not constantly running out to the store to get additional fuel. You also don’t have to deal with the ever-changing (and often increasing) prices of gas in your area.

However, the cost may not be a concern. If you’re looking for speed and convenience, a pool heater would probably be the way to go due to all the advantages outlined above.

It’s also essential to take care when choosing a manufacturer for your pool heater or heat pump needs. The team at GPS Pools often recommends Jandy equipment due to the fact that they’ve long developed a reputation for themselves as offering equipment of exceptional quality in both categories. Going into detail about their robust product line makes it easy to see why that is the case.

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Jandy Pool Heaters – The JXi

Jandy JXI Heater ReviewFirst up we have the JXi pool and spa heater – a unit designed to be as compact as possible, all while maintaining its energy efficiency at the exact same time. This Jandy gas pool heater uses innovative bypass technology that actually diverts the flow of the water away from the heater when the temperature of your pool is already where you need it to be. This is a big part of how it is capable of achieving an 84% thermal efficiency rating, along with its low-NOx construction.

The JXi series is also notable for being available in both natural gas and propane variants. This gives you a greater degree of control over exactly how you plan on heating your pool. Also included are sophisticated automation capabilities. Using the AquaLink and iAquaLink control features, you can access your JXi anywhere, anytime, and on any device with an active Internet connection.

Finally, one of the qualities that makes this such an impressive entry on this list has to do with its lightweight design. Not only does this make it easier to install in virtually all types of environments, but faster as well – creating a perfect storm in the best possible way for most buyers.

Jandy Pool Heaters – The Hi-E2

Jandy HI-E2 Pool Heater ReviewAnother impressive entry into the list of Jandy pool heaters comes by way of the Hi-E2 series. It’s got an energy efficiency rating of up to 95% in most conditions – meaning that 95% of the energy use that you’re paying for is actually being converted into heat for your pool. This can dramatically cut operating costs over time.

It, too, features an impressively compact design that makes the installation as simple as possible. It’s got a 33% smaller footprint than a lot of competing options on the market, as per Jandy’s own documentation.

At GPS Pools, we recommend the Hi-E2 series for retrofits in particular. Because they’re easier to install than a lot of competing options, they’re incredibly flexible as to where you and put them – including in an existing pool setup.

They’re durable, they’re dependable, and they’re resistant to corrosion – all of which are qualities that allow them to stand the test of time. Note that the Hi-E2 series is a model that can only be purchased at a provider like GPS Pools. You cannot purchase them online directly from Jandy, as per the manufacturer’s website.

Jandy Heat Pumps – The VersaTemp

Jandy VersaTemp Heat Pump ReviewNot only is the VersaTemp a high quality heat/chill pump for your pool that brings with it excellent performance, but it’s also constructed in a way that guarantees less noise at the exact same time.

So if you’re looking to warm your pool up to the perfect temperature, the VersaTemp can do that. If you want to keep things light and cool on an exceptionally hot summer day, it’s more than capable of meeting that need, too. It does so in an energy efficient and ecologically friendly way, drawing heat from the air on a chilly day (as per how pool pumps are designed to operate) and by drawing heat directly out of the water on a warm day (which is a big part of what makes this unit unique).

It features not one but two thermostats, allowing you to specify exactly which temperature you want your pool to remain at all year long. There’s no further input required from that point on. There is also an LCD control panel that allows you to connect anywhere, at any time thanks to the iAquaLink app on your mobile phone. In addition to everything outlined above, it’s also ready to become an invaluable part of your pool automation system as well.

Jandy JE Heat Pump

Jandy JE Heat Pump ReviewLast but not least, we arrive at the Jandy Pro Series JE line of heat pumps. They’re built to deliver the highest efficiency level possible, all by way of a unit that is reliable as it is durable. It’s available in two different electric options, both of which require professional installation. Both are Aqualink automation ready, and the main difference is their overall output. The smaller of the two models is designed to output up to 70,000 BTUs as-needed, while the larger can handle 96,000 BTUs – perfect for larger pool installations.

The products in this line are also Versa Plumb ready. This allows you up to 50% more hydraulic efficiency to help maximize your potential energy savings across the board. So, if costs were a big part of the reason why you were looking to invest in a heat pump in the first place, this can help take those benefits to the next level. It also has an advanced digital control to help utilize self diagnostics to troubleshoot problems, supports multiple languages, has a handy auto-heat feature, and more.

This model is another in the Jandy line that features a low profile design, which again makes it a perfect choice for retrofits in particular. You don’t have to worry as much about modifications to the environment – you can swap out your existing equipment in a fast and efficient manner. All told, it has a lot to offer virtually all types of people – which is the major reason why it comes so highly recommended.

Heaters by Jandy – Built on Quality and Reliability

In the end, Jandy pool heaters and heat pumps have impressive features and are backed by a long history of quality to the point where we’ve long recommended them to customers at GPS Pools. But again – always start with your requirements and work your way back to the equipment that meets your needs. Don’t buy one over the other, assuming it will work, as it might not be the best fit for your situation.

Are you concerned about long-term costs? Is it not a problem that your pool water might take a bit of time to heat up when you need it? A heat pump will work well. Do you want speed and have no issue with running electrical or gas lines through your backyard? You might be better suited for a pool heater.

Some people even leverage both types of technologies at the same time. They’ll use a heat pump for most of the year to be able to enjoy those cost savings while employing a heat pump when they absolutely need fast and precise temperature regulation. Depending on how much you’re willing to spend, this may be something you want to consider.

Nevertheless, you can rest easy knowing that Jandy gives you access to the equipment you need that will yield the results you deserve.

Your Local Pool Heating Experts

At GPS Pools, we’re a leading provider of Jandy pool heat pumps, pool heaters, and other types of essential equipment to customers all throughout the area. The size of our inventory is second-to-none and if we don’t have precisely what you need already in stock, rest assured we can get it to you. Likewise, our technical expertise (not to mention our passion) for pools is unmatched – we’ll go above and beyond to make sure that you’re able to enjoy your pool exactly the way you want to. Contact us at one of our locations in New Tampa, Land O’Lakes, or Lutz to find out more about pool heating services or to get answers to any other related questions you might have.