Inground pool lighting

Inground Pool Lighting to Transform Your Backyard

It’s the centerpiece of your backyard. A place to relax, unwind, entertain, and cool off. But just imagine how much more inviting your space could be with something as simple as inground pool lighting. From cool blues to set the mood to color changing options that make even the simplest get-togethers a little more exciting, lights can change everything. Peak swimming season is quickly approaching and you’ll want to consider the best ways to enhance that backyard oasis. We’re here to help you shed a little light on the subject. Pun intended.

How Inground Pool Lighting Transforms Your Backyard

It Provides Round the Clock Fun

Pool lights for inground poolsWaking up in the morning to a hot, sunny day is nothing short of amazing when you’re a pool owner. You’ll have countless hours to dip your toes in the cool blue water, the opportunity to swim a few laps, and even a chance to float around for an afternoon nap. But when the sun starts to dip, most people begin to head inside.

When you choose to illuminate the water, however, there’s no end to your summer days. You’ll no longer have to worry about the safety of friends and family, as you’ll be able to see everything that goes on in and around the water. It isn’t just in the water that you’ll have visibility either. Some lights are intense enough that the surrounding patio will brighten up as well. Your backyard now becomes an extension of your home that doesn’t have a closing time.

Architectural Details Are Highlighted

If you’ve put a lot of work into the design of your yard, there’s nothing better than adding something to complement those details. You’ve probably seen luxurious homes accentuate their more interesting points with spotlights. The same can be said for inground pool lighting.

Whether you have curves or a simple rectangle, lights can help highlight corners and design elements that make things look bigger or more unique than a simple watering hole. Since it’s likely the focal point of your backyard, the entire look and feel of your pool can change dramatically with a few well placed bulbs.

Pool Lighting Can Enhance Your Mood

Sometimes your backyard is a place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s your own private oasis away from everything. The circulating water is great for your well being on its own, but if you can do something small to enhance its benefits, why not?

Choosing blues and greens can help to calm your nerves and offer a soothing feel, while yellow can help add happiness. You could even use colors to increase energy and excitement. During the evening swim hours with friends, you may choose orange and red to keep everyone going throughout the night.

Your Experience Becomes One of a Kind

One particular type of bulb is used for much more than brightening up the space and enhancing your mood. The colors can follow the beat or rhythm of your favorite song, can lighten and dim with the crescendo of music, or change from blue to green, red to purple based on your commands.

There are apps that can program your inground pool lights to pair with music or a timer that you preset. You can turn your backyard into a dance club or switch from calming colors just after the work day to more exciting ones on weekend nights. Your lawn can become exactly what you need, right when you need it.

3 Types of Lights for Inground Pools

When choosing a type of pool light, you’ll want to consider what kind of power you prefer and colors you’d like. There are three standard pool lighting options to choose from. Each has its pros and cons, but it’s really your choice based on your preferences.

Incandescent for Simplicity

Incandescent offers lighting consistent with what you would find indoors. It is what many pools had during their original construction and it hasn’t changed much over the years. This option is warmer and tends to be dimmed even further by the water, but radiates just enough to ensure a lit late night swim.

If you’re looking for a more controlled experience, the constant hum of white from this type of bulb is an easy choice. However, the technology is older now and most pool installation is starting to take things in another direction. While replacement of incandescent bulbs is still simple, most professionals would steer you away from replacing it with another of the same kind.

Halogen for Savings

Halogen inground pool lighting is very similar to incandescent. You’re limited to white light and it’s less expensive in initial costs compared to some newer technologies. Again, you’ll receive a controlled experience and softer feel, but it comes in a more compact design and utilizes less power than it predecessor.

Design and power savings are what draw many people to halogen. While it tends to have the same softer hum of brightness, it is significantly brighter than incandescent. And although the bulb itself only comes in white, you’re able to switch out the fixture’s lens to change its colors. But, like with incandescent, many professionals will suggest using this next type of light during replacement, construction, or pool remodeling.

LED for Fun

LED pool lightsYou may recall a time when you attended a party where the pool seemed to be dancing alongside its swimmers. Or think to those Vegas light shows with colors changing to the rhythm of the music. You probably didn’t think about it then, but in those moments you would have been enjoying the technology that is LED pool lighting.

If you’re looking for personality, LED is the way to go. You can set the mood for a date night in or get the party started for a family get together. With so many colors to choose from, and the choice between static or changing colors, the possibilities are endless. Choosing LED lighting even allows for those pre programmed displays we talked about before, that fit your favorite song or adjust during therapeutic evenings on the patio.

During installation, consider the size and shape of your pool when trying to determine how many fixtures are necessary. Lower watt LED emits as much light as higher watt halogen options and you’ll use far less electricity as individual fixtures can last up to six times longer than other inground pool lights. This means you’ll end up with a more energy efficient option, as well. Even more, these lights do not heat up the same way their halogen counterparts do, so you’ll never have to worry about sensitive skin getting too close.

LED lights are the most highly recommended options from pool professionals and tend to be what most homeowners currently use.

Important Things to Consider

Whether you’re remodeling or just beginning construction, it’s essential to work with someone who will help you consider every piece of the puzzle.

Favor Inground Pool Lighting for Safety

While lights may seem like an accessory, more than anything, they’ll keep your family safe. Increasing visibility will provide you with the confidence needed to allow those evening swims. As always, safety comes first, and this is one of our top recommendations to promote pool safety.

Examine Your Budget

The range for inground pool lighting options can vary and also has a lot to do with timing. It’s best to add it during the building process, as it can require some additional renovations if done after the fact. If added before the end of construction, typical costs range from about $700 – $1,700, depending on the type chosen. If you’re renovating, we always recommend considering lighting so it’s not another renovation down the road.

Understand Maintenance Needs

When done correctly, maintenance tends to be low. Remember to change the bulbs periodically and do your best to avoid damage from outside sources. Just be sure that anything beyond the scope of a quick bulb change is done by a professional.

Need Help Choosing?

There is a lot that goes into lighting for your inground pool, but its many benefits make it something worth considering. If you’re about to install a pool or are ready to add this feature, we have the certified technicians and expertise you need. Give us a call today to get started.