Gulfstream Pool Heat Pumps Review

Gulfstream Heat Pumps: Brand Review

Pool heat pumps are an energy-efficient, quiet and effective product for heating your residential pool. For a standard backyard pool, a heat pump is a perfect device to keep your water at a comfortable temperature year-round. At GPS Pools, we sell only products that we can stand behind, including Gulfstream heat pumps.

In this brand review, you’ll learn more about how pool heat pumps work and why these products are a superior brand. We help homeowners like you make educated decisions as to which pool products are the best investment. We’re the subject matter experts when it comes to pool appliances and products for Floridians. Here’s what you need to know about these reliable pool heaters.

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What to Know About Pool Heat Pumps

Gulfstream Pool HeatersA heat pump is a product that works like an air conditioner to extract heat from one place and sending heat to another place. It uses low-pressure liquid refrigerant to draw heat out of the environment, and then it compresses the refrigerant and sends it to another location to unload the heat to another environment.

Whereas air conditioners follow this process to cool off your home, heat pumps complete the process in reverse to heat up your pool. Some pool heat pumps can even function in reverse to cool off things, though not all pool heat pumps have a cooling feature.

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Why Gulfstream Heat Pumps?

Gulfstream’s specialty is pool heat pumps (that’s all they do!), and they do it well. They’re made right here in Florida (in Fort Myers, actually), so GPS Pools can feel good about supplying these products to Florida residents. Designed by an aerospace engineer, the products are innovative and efficient.

All Gulfstream Heat Pumps are Separately Tested

Gulfstream uses a helium-testing station to test every product they make before sending it out for consumer use. Their testing station detects leaks to ensure that any heat pump you buy from their company contains no flaws that would prevent you from enjoying it to its full abilities. When you buy one of their heat pumps, you can rest assured it’s a quality product.


Some Gulfstream products are available in models that cool as well as heat, so you can fully regulate the temperature of your pool throughout the year. No more worries about your backyard pool heating up to an uncomfortably warm temperature; it’s all under your control.

Ultra Quiet

Gulfstream designs its products to be extra quiet. Each heat pump contains a scroll compressor and commercial grade fan motor designed for ultra-quiet performance. You’ll barely know your heat pump is there.

Pure Titanium Heat Exchanger

Each heat pump’s heat exchanger is made from pure titanium, so it’s basically impervious to corrosion from the chemistry of your pool. This helps increase the service life of your pool and minimizes the amount of maintenance your heat pump will need over time.

Compact Size

Gulfstream heat pumps are designed to take up as little space in your backyard as possible. With a footprint of 31″ x 31″, these heat pumps have a “barely there” appearance that makes them easy to hide. That’s a nice feature if you’re trying to maintain an exotic backyard landscape or have a small lot and want to make the most of your yard.

No-Rust Cabinet

The no-rust ABS cabinet is designed to withstand harsh environments, such as the saltwater air in and around the Gulf. Gulfstream’s cabinets also contain UV inhibitors for extra durability in the harsh Florida sun.

Models Available

Gulfstream’s current products are listed below. At GPS Pools, we update the products we sell as new ones become available. Ask about new models as they’re released.

Not sure which model is the right one for your pool? We don’t expect you to be the expert. Your representative at GPS pools can help you decide which heat pump model is right based on your budget and expectations for your heat pump.

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Which Size Is Right for Me?

What’s one way that heat pumps are not like air conditioners? You can’t oversize them. Buying a bigger heat pump than what you really need just means you’ve got more power. This is something we recommend when your pool is on the upper end of the heat pump’s capabilities. However, it’s hard to know which size is right for you until we see your pool and talk to you about your habits.

In some cases, your heat pump size depends on the type of pool and its location, including the shade in the area. If you use a solar cover, your pool will lose less heat, and your heat pump will be more effective. Work with your pool contractor to decide which heat pump size best fits your needs.

Want a Gulfstream Heat Pump? Contact GPS Pools

If you’re thinking about installing a new heat pump for your pool, it’s important to work with a pool supplier and contractor with experience and a good reputation. GPS Pools has been serving property owners in Florida for over 20 years. If you’re in need of a heat pump in the Tampa area, including Land O’Lakes, Elfers, Mango, Odessa, Wesley Chapel, Zephyrhills or Lutz, we’re happy to help. We sell only quality products and perform installations you can count on.

If you think a Gulfstream Heat Pump is right for you, contact us at one of our locations in Lutz, Land O’ Lakes, or New Tampa to ask your questions and find out more information about these reliable heaters and all of our pool heating services.