Common Pool Problems Florida

Most Common Pool Problems in Florida

Florida has specific weather and soil conditions that could affect the structural integrity of your pool or the quality of the water. While the more common pool problems in Florida are not unique to the Sunshine State, you are more likely to encounter them here than in other parts of the US.

Common Pool Problems in Florida: Uneven or Cracked Pool Floor

An uneven pool floor may seem like more of a nuisance than an actual problem. However, it can lead to slipping. An uneven pool floor that isn’t dealt with on time can also lead to cracks.

How Does a Pool Floor Become Uneven?

Florida soil is quite loose and sandy. Because of this, it tends to shift around a lot, especially when you place a lot of weight on it. This is the reason why, over time, your pool floor may become uneven. If the soil underneath shifts enough, it can even cause the floor to crack.


Having a sinkhole in your backyard can sound pretty scary. However, most sinkholes are not as bad as the ones that make the news. They are a relatively frequent, natural occurrence in Florida and, as such, are one of the more common pool problems in Florida. However small, they can still affect the structural integrity of your pool.

If you suspect a sinkhole is forming in your yard, contact the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Keep in mind that pool or ground settling is not necessarily an indication that a sinkhole is forming. It may simply be a sign of improper pool construction or natural soil movement.

Water Leaks

One of the most common pool problems in Florida and elsewhere, water leaks can be some of the most frustrating issues a pool owner encounters.  Pool water loss can seriously affect your budget. Along with the water, you will also be losing the chemicals used to maintain pool water quality.

What Causes Water Leaks?

Pool water leaks in Florida are usually tied to the soil issue mentioned earlier. With soil shifting around, small cracks may appear on the surface of your pool. Sometimes, these cracks are not big enough for you to notice them, but they are big enough to let water seep through.

Cracks in the Pool Deck

Pool deck cracks are not just esthetic problems. They can cause some pretty unpleasant injuries. Ideally, you should call in a specialist to handle these cracks as soon as you notice them. The longer you wait, the more difficult it’s going to be to solve them. Fix your pool deck or install a new one with a qualified professional who can deliver expert services!

Why Do Cracks Appear?

Pool walls and floors are not the only ones affected by soil movement. Your deck will also suffer from soil shifts. Decks can also crack if there are large trees nearby. Long roots can grow underneath the deck and push it upwards.


Pool accidents can happen anywhere, not just in Florida. However, in the state of Florida, this is considered a major problem, so much so that there are special regulations regarding residential pool safety.

Florida Pool Screens Laws

In Florida, pool owners are required by law to install pool safety features. You can read the text of the Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act on the Florida Legislature website. Your pool contractor will know everything there is to know about these regulations. They are the ones who can ensure your pool meets all Florida safety requirements.

Pool Water Quality Problems

It’s called the sunshine state for a reason. Florida summers are long and hot. While this is the perfect weather for endless pool parties, it can also lead to issue with pool water quality. You’ll notice your pool water getting cloudy and greenish. It will also give off a very specific smell.

What Causes Cloudy or Smelly Pool Water?

The most common cause of cloudy pool water or smelly pool water is algae. Algae is something all pool owners have to deal with. However, they tend to thrive in a warm environment with lots of sunshine, two things Florida has plenty of.

A strict pool cleaning routine and proper water balance are absolutely essential if you want to keep your pool in tip-top shape for a long time. Or, if you’d rather not deal with all this yourself, call a pool cleaning professional. We clean the pool and manage water chemistry, identify and correct problems, and bring your pool back to form with our no-hassle, affordable expert services!