Benefits fo swimming pool automation

The Benefits of Swimming Pool Automation

When it comes to pools, a little convenience goes a long way. Whether you want your heater to run on a schedule, fully integrate your pump or handle your pool’s electronic systems with the touch of a button, an automated system can handle the job. The benefits of swimming pool automation are many—and each delivers unparalleled optimization.

Between ease-of-use, smartphone access and reliable control, pool automation is worth it. Today’s newest smart control systems can be fully integrated with your mobile device, so you’re always in control.

What is Pool and Spa Automation?

Pool Automation BenefitsIn the past, we’d need to flip every pool system switch individually. It was a lot of work to constantly handle your pool’s pump and heater. Schedules needed to be watched constantly, and every extension of your pool needed manual guidance.

These days, just about every pool and spa can be automated. While new pools and spas are great choices for automation, older pools are capable of automation, too. Pool automation isn’t only for tech-savvy homeowners. If you have Wi-Fi, a solid automation system and a smartphone—you’re good to go!

An automated pool and spa system lets you handle many features from the palm of your hand. Each automated system is powered by a digital control panel, one which controls certain pool functions, remotely, through relays and actuators. In most cases, this includes your pool pump and heater—but you can connect your spa, pool lights, and water features, too.

The Benefits of Swimming Pool Automation

Now that you know how swimming pool automation works, you can take control over its biggest benefits. But what, exactly, are the benefits of swimming pool automation? Let’s take a look at the main ones, as each is responsible for an easygoing, effective automation experience.

Easy Chemical Maintenance

Swimming pool and spa automation eliminate the tedious task of chemical adjustment and frequent water testing. Instead of calculating your pool’s chemical levels every time they need to be serviced, your automated system can do it for you!

Your automated system can be easily programmed to target your best chemical balance for the proper pool maintenance, assuring a steady water quality every day.

Complete Remote Control

Why spend time and labor manually handling your pool’s pump and heating system? Because an automated system is controlled via your smartphone, you can quickly make adjustments at a moment’s notice. This is the best feature of automated systems, as smartphone accessibility removes the frustration of handling a separate remote—which might get lost. With instant access at an incredibly high range, your automation app assures complete control over your pool’s most important features.

Multi-System Automation

Your pool and spa automation system comes with a main hub, switches and controls to optimize basic pool functions—but you can automate many systems to redefine your pool experience. It’s easy to switch control options from your pool to your spa, so you needn’t waste time, or energy, whenever you’d like to have a different poolside experience.

Once you’ve learned how swimming pool automation works, connecting multiple pool systems is a breeze. Some homeowners enjoy the feasibility of connecting water leak sensors, LED light strips, motion sensor alarms, sound systems and multiple smart outlets. Because each feature can be remote controlled—you’ll be able to manage everything from your system’s main hub: your smartphone.

Automation Trends: How Swimming Pool Automation Works Today

A myriad of adventures awaits those who switch to an automated pool system. Remember: Automated pool and spa systems are all about stress-free, easy accessibility. Whether you have a small poolside area, a luxurious backyard oasis or a spa area—it’s possible to update your swimming spot to offer the latest, greatest experiences.

For Vacations

For example, some homeowners use automated pool and spa systems to relieve stress when they’re on vacation. Who wants to worry about a high energy bill because they weren’t around to keep the pool at a stable temperature? Set up an automated “vacation” profile before you go out of town—and your system will handle the rest.

For Daily and Seasonal Changes

You can also set up your system to operate at lower speeds, automatically, during certain times of the day. If you do this, it’ll save even more energy during off-peak swimming hours. To further enhance this type of optimization, you can set up a different automation profile for each season.

For Spa Nights

Maybe you’d like to make your spa a place for special occasions. No problem! Even if you’re at dinner, you can fire up your spa area before you get home with your smartphone. Get the water warmed up, and you’ll have a comfortable water temperature the minute you step in the door.

For Social Hours

With a simple command, you can kick off your pool area’s “party time.” Between easy-access temperature changes, lighting options and spa options, you’ll always be ready to socialize. Plenty of pool-lovers are already using these setups to make perfect, spontaneous poolside environments.

So, what’re you waiting for? If you’re looking into pool automation is it worth it to call a professional? Absolutely. A professional can tell you more about how swimming pool automation works, helping you create the perfect control center for awesome swimming experiences, time and time again.

Interested in Swimming Pool Automation Benefits?

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