Pool Repair and Installation by GPS Pools in Land O Lakes FL

Pool Repairs & Installations

Investing in the maintenance of your pool will help you enjoy it longer and with the least worries. However, because of accidents, the elements, misuse, and general wear and tear, the need for repairs is often unavoidable.

Additionally, you may want to upgrade some of your equipment and finishes to improve your pool’s appearance, efficiency and function. If you’re looking for pool repair and installation experts, GPS Pools is the company to call.

Common Issues

GPS Pools performs a wide range of repair services to optimize the efficiency of your pool. Some of the most common problems we provide solutions to include:

  • Leaks. Excessive water loss can cost you a lot of money in terms of gallons of replacement water.
  • Noisy pump. This may be caused by a pump that’s too big or by a pump’s bearing grinding due to chemical imbalance, age, or obstruction in the pumps impeller. 
  • Cloudy water. May be caused by a clogged filter by dirt and debris, improper circulation from the pump or a damaged impeller. A sudden reduction of circulation may be due to clogging on the pump’s supply line, imbalanced water, and lack of sanitation.
  • Cracking and crumbling of pool tiles or tiles falling off. This could be the result of beam damage due to the concrete’s expansion and contraction over the years. Tiles falling off can be caused by bond failure, cracked beam and improper caulking between the coping and the deck.
  • White deposits on tile. Known as efflorescence, these are calcium and magnesium particles that may be coming from the water or tile grout and mud.
  • Cracked or broken skimmer cover

Regular Maintenance

The best way to avoid swimming pool issues altogether is through regular maintenance. GPS Pools carries an extensive array of pool products and pool supplies for your regular maintenance and repair needs. We warranty all our products and will give you the guidance and support you need.

We also provide extensive maintenance services so you don’t have to think about anything other than how best to enjoy your pool.

Pool Repair Lutz and Land O Lakes FL by GPS Pools
Pool Repair and Installation Services by GPS Pools

Pool Installations

We perform all kinds of pool installations to improve your pool’s performance. These include:

  • Water features, such as water jets, hot spas, fountain bubblers and waterfalls
  • New filters or filtration system – your options include sand filters, cartridge filters and DE (diatomaceous earth) filters
  • New pump or motor
  • Pool covers
  • Gas or electric heaters
  • Saltwater pool system

As part of our warranty, we do the installation of the pool equipment and products we sell. We will provide you with all the information and guidance you need for the proper use and maintenance of our products. And we will always be on hand to help you with any problem or difficulty in using our products and installations.

Our Brands and Products

We carry an extensive inventory of products, including equipment like pumps and motors, supplies like chemicals, cleaners and scrubs, and parts and accessories like pool covers, lighting, water features, and more.

We work with all national brands and we guarantee better pricing and reliable delivery, whether you buy from our retail locations or our online shop.

Pool Repair and Installation Lutz and Land O Lakes FL
Pool Repair Service You Can Rely On

With our unparalleled expertise gained from more than 20 years of experience, you can expect the highest level of pool repair service from GPS Pools. Contact us for your pool repair and installation needs at (813) 948-9091 or (813) 345-8596.