Maytronics Dolphin Pool Ceaners


Maytronics Dolphin pool cleaner products are the most reputable and reliable automatic pool cleaners on the market. These devices clean pools, so you don't have to. Designed to clean your pool automatically without assistance from a person, your Dolphin pool cleaner works independently of your pool systems. This means your pool cleaner always works, even when other parts of your system do not. You'll love the convenience of this handy, autonomous device that gets the work done while you're relaxing at home.


There are many benefits of Dolphin robotic pool cleaners. They're designed for low power consumption, so they can save homeowners money on their energy bills when used consistently. The washable filter also saves you money on replacement filter costs. An active scrubbing brush gets the work done the right way every time. And, each Dolphin pool cleaner comes with a remote control that makes cleaning the pool easy, even from a distance. If you're a homeowner who doesn't like to be a hands-on pool cleaner, the Dolphin robotic pool cleaner is right for you.

  • Low power consumption
  • CleverClean™ Technology Multi-layer filtration
  • Active Scrubbing Brush
  • Remote control
  • Easy to use
  • Works independently of the pool system
  • Available for rent from GPS Pools Inc.


As a Gold Elite Dealer of Dolphin pool cleaners and Maytronics products, GPS Pools Inc. is a reputable source for purchasing or renting your Dolphin pool cleaner. It's an investment, so purchase your product from someone who stands behind every item sold. GPS Pools Inc. is proud to have its Gold Elite Dealer status, and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have about Maytronics products. We're also your source for information about other pool cleaning products available for sale in the Lutz and greater Tampa Bay area.

Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners Gold Elite Dealer

Pool Cleaners Robotic Maytronics Warranty


GPS Pools Inc. is the only warranty center in the Tampa Bay area. This means that we get Dolphin robotic pool cleaner parts faster than anywhere else. When your product breaks for any reason, or if you're in need of service for your Maytronic pool cleaner, we can help you get the repair you need in a timely fashion. We also provide pool service and can help you clean and maintain your pool at home while waiting for your robotic pool cleaner to be repaired.

Demo-Trial Rental

Not sure if you want an automatic pool cleaner? We offer demo-trial rentals for households who are thinking about making the investment. You can take the time to learn how the pool cleaner works and decide for yourself whether this type of product is right for you. If you decide not to buy, it's no problem. Just doing a demo-trial rental, you'll be able to return the product without obligation when you rent the pool cleaner from us. We encourage you to rent before you buy. We bet you'll be impressed with how well the product works.

Maytronics Pool Cleaners Services

Try It For Yourself

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