Cosmy The Bot Robotic Pool Cleaner

Cosmy The Bot Robotic Pool Cleaner is High Tech

For pool owners, high-tech robotic pool cleaners are not a recommendation — they are a requirement. Hiring a company to come in on a regular basis and maintain your pool can quickly grow expensive, which is why robotic pool cleaners are always the preferred option. They're every bit as effective at a fraction of the cost. All pool owners deserve to enjoy an expertly cleaned pool and high-tech robotic pool cleaners like Cosmy The Bot are a major part of how that happens.

Cosmy the Bot Features & Benefits

Cosmy The Bot Robotic Pool Cleaner is one of the most effective cleaners available on the market today. There are four distinct styles for you to choose from depending on your needs, each offering unbeatable performance in a form factor that weighs less than 13 pounds. Cosmy The Bot offers two-stage planetary gear technology that, along with a drive system that is built with precision in mind, creates the best possible outcome each and every time.

Cosmy The Bot also features dual drive motors and an exceptionally powerful pump, making it by far one of the more reliable cleaners available. It's fast, outfitted with the latest in cleaning technology, and has unrivaled reliability.

  • Adjustable nozzles are included for your convenience.
  • A 59-foot cable length in an attractive premium gray color for maximum flexibility.
  • Cleaning cycles come in 1.5, 2 and 2.5 hour variants.
  • Double layer filtration for superior cleanliness.
  • A gyroscope system for efficiency purposes.
  • The joy of clean, soft water with every swim you take.

Energy Efficient

For most homeowners, one of the biggest advantages that the Cosmy The Bot line of products brings is their energy efficiency. They were designed to include both rapid and logical travel modes and feature powerful suction capabilities. Not only do you have the ability to clean your pool faster, but you're also doing so in a way that saves you money on your monthly utility bills as well. This allows Cosmy The Bot to become an investment that will more than pay for itself over time — to say nothing of the fact that a clean pool also tends to lead to less expensive maintenance over your ownership of it, too.

Cosmy The Bot Robotic Energy Efficient

Cosmy The Bot Robotic Warranty Center

Cosmy The Bot Warranty Center

As is true with all products sold by GPS Pools Inc., a manufacturer warranty is included with the purchase of Cosmy The Bot for your protection. We're intimately familiar with all four variants in the Cosmy product line, and we're up-to-date with all manufacturer-suggested maintenance schedules. If there is something that you can do to help properly maintain your Cosmy the Bot, rest assured we'll let you know about it. We can also get any replacement parts that may be needed faster than anyone else. We'll handle and/or facilitate all maintenance work in the event that something goes wrong.

Cosmy Robotic Cleaner Demo Trial Rental

If Cosmy The Bot Robotic Pool Cleaner sounds like exactly the type of product you've been looking for to maintain the clean, enjoyable pool experience you've always wanted, that's because it likely is. But you don't have to take our word for it – you can demonstrate a Cosmy whenever you'd like with our trial rental period. Take it home, put it in your own pool and really see what it can do. If you like it, you can purchase it outright and enjoy clean, soft water for years to come. If it's not quite what you're looking for, don't worry – you can bring it back. You can return it with absolutely no obligation to buy — it will essentially just be a rental. Having said that, we're quite certain that you'll be impressed with all that Cosmy The Bot has to offer.

Demo Trial Cosmy The Bot Robotic Pool Cleaner

Get Your Cosmy Pool Cleaner Today

Over the years, GPS Pools Inc. has worked hard to build a reputation for itself as one of the leading providers of pool services and accessories anywhere in the area today and products like Cosmy The Bot are a big part of that. To get started, contact us today for more information, or feel free to place an order in our online store, so you can begin your Cosmy the Bot experience right away.