Swimming Pool Resurfacing


A new pool can be recognized by its pristine beauty and shimmering, dazzling water. As pools age, that dazzling color and unblemished beauty can be marred by stains and imperfections just beneath the surface. Pool resurfacing restores your pool’s original essence.

GPS Pools Inc. offers resurfacing, restoration, repair and replastering for older pools. We install new waterline tile to update the character of your pool. At the same time, our experienced contractors can make design changes that modernize your pool and add to its value.


Long ago, pool owners had few resurfacing choices. Today, GPS Pools is able to install a variety of swimming pool resurfacing types with a modern aesthetic that homeowners value. Little flecks of color in the bottom of the pool reflect upward to give the surface of the water richness, depth and a dazzling sparkle.

Pool resurfacing options come in many colors, including the richest blue, the brightest aqua and the palest green. We also install new tile and can install a liner for a faster remodel.

  • Marquis Series
  • StoneScape
  • JewelScape
  • Waterline tile


You’ll know when it’s time for pool remodeling. Aesthetic problems are often the first and most obvious indication of a problem. Hard stains that mar the surface of the plaster can develop after many years of constant submersion in chlorinated water.

As the problems progress, the surface of the pool may even start to wear away. The shell beneath the pool’s surface is porous. Should the surface wear away, the pool could begin to lose water. While this is a worst-case scenario, it can happen if the problem is a pool remodel that is deferred for too long.

Pool Resurfacing Repairs

Swimming Pool Remodeling

Easy Transition

A reputable and experienced contractor can modernize your pool in a matter of days, not weeks, depending on the size of your pool. Swimming pool remodeling can be done at any time of the year, so you can pick a time when your pool isn’t used as often.

Each surface has its own warranty through the manufacturer. At GPS Pools Inc., we stand by our products. We’ll carefully outline the terms of the warranty to ensure that you understand. Following maintenance practices highlighted in your warranty can help you take care of your new pool resurfacing.


Are you embarrassed by the appearance of your pool? Do guests ask about the stains beneath the water’s surface? Don’t let discolorations and deterioration ruin your fun or prevent you from enjoying time spent in the water. It’s time to upgrade your pool!

Swimming pool resurfacing protects your investment and prevents costly damage to your pool. Our resurfacing services can also improve your home’s value, making it easier to sell your home if a sale is in the near future. Work with GPS Pools Inc. to ensure the work is done right.

Resurfacing Swimming Pool

Restore Your Pool

Restore your pool to a state of beauty and elegance, then enjoy your pool for years to come. To get started with pool remodeling today, contact GPS Pools Inc.